Eulogy and Dissection.

I was planning on getting back to science this time around: an opinion piece on gengineered non-suffering livestock, perhaps, or a review of recent progress in telematter technology. But someone died last night, a distant member of my immediate family: someone I ended contact with years ago, save for one brief shining moment back in […]

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Calling Nina Gislop…

…who lives somewhere around Vancouver, and whose e-mail and twitter IDs have mysteriously vanished sometime in the past couple of months, whose sparse Google tracks lead to dead ends. And who made a generous donation to the Squidgate/Kibble Fund before disappearing.  If you’re out there, in this universe or that parallel one, thank you. (Thankyoumails […]

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Anyone going to this?

I’d like to, but am coming down with some kind of sore-throat/stuffed-sinus/flesh-eating-virus thingy, and have decided that I should probably quarantine myself today.  If any of you locals are going to be checking it out, though, I’d  be grateful for  an executive summary.

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The Oatmeal.

“Comparing moms to an octopus would be like pitting an army of savages against one well-oiled gatling gun sitting atop a hill. The mothers would charge the hill, hurling rocks and sticks; they’d roar righteous, compassionate battle cries of warriors who believe they are fighting for the betterment of humanity. They’d truly fight from the […]

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The Neurology of Transcendence

So just a day or so after we revisit “A Word for Heathens”  — a story exploring the social ramifications of neurotechnology that induces Rapture On Demand — here comes a paper by Cosimo Urgesi and his buddies showing a relationship between the posterior parietal cortex and something called “Self-Transcendence” — an index, if we […]

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Since I don’t have time for a thousand words…

This gorgeous and moody piece illustrates a chunk of my backlist.  Two guesses which one.

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Another clip show, to clear the decks before I dive back into these gratitudinal e-mails (I’m sending thank-yous to everyone who donated to my legal fund. Even spending 60-90 minutes/day at this task, it’s gonna take forever to get through them all — but if you chipped in, you’ll be hearing from me. It may […]

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Art Imitates Argument

By now you’ve all noticed the termineetah. She’s the handiwork of a guy called Andrew Chase. You can find other samples of his work over on his website (or cut straight to the cool stuff here and here). We’ve exchanged the occasional e-mail in the past, but I had no idea he built this kind […]

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