Sarasti Lives

Or did, anyway. Or at least something did. Those of you who’ve checked out the Vampire Domestication Talk might remember the slide from which this inset was taken: a timeline of hominid ancestry, showing the recent divergence of the vampire lineage and its subsequent extinction/reintegration into the human baseline. While the fusion of separate species […]

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Spankings and Perspicacity

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. It’s all over the gaming threads now that The Lead Writer for Crysis 2 Has Been Convicted Of Assault. Last night some online journo asked for my reaction: this morning someone else wrote to ask how my imminent incarceration was going to affect the timeline for C2. I’m telling everyone […]

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Undemocratic Journalism

I’ve noticed something, in all the recent coverage of my travails. It’s pretty much happened without me. I mean, sure, it’s about me. (Proximately, at least — I’d argue it’s ultimately about something much greater than a minor dust-up between an ageing author and some border-crawling nitwit who apparently lists We Hate Islam and Glenn […]

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DVD Extras and Director Commentary

…In Seven Parts 1. The Jury A couple of the jurors have spoken out, both on the Times-Herald site and on this newscrawl. In both cases their comments tend to be obscured in the blizzard of less-informed commentary surrounding them, so I reprint them in their entirety here: From the Times-Herald site: “As a member […]

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From the keyboard of a freshly-convicted felon… Okay, so the word is out. That was fast. I suppose I should weigh in. First off, I have no complaints about my lawyer: Doug Mullkoff did a great job. He blew the guards’ testimony out of the water at every turn, highlighted the appropriate contradictions (e.g., Beaudry […]

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The Chronicles of Sarnia*: The Boredeal

This was supposed to be a one-day trial, two days tops.  We are now going into our fourth day.  Jury deliberated most of today, went an hour into overtime, will reconvene tomorrow.  Nails are being bitten, ulcers are being eroded, and I am out of clean underwear. This could go either way.  I will say […]

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“… And an Almost Fanatical Devotion to the Pope”: or, Truthiness Goes Technical

Okay, let’s do this. The author is Satoshi Kanazawa. The Journal is the Social Psychology Quarterly. And the paper is “Why Liberals and Atheists are More Intelligent“. Ignore for the moment that first stirring of doubt (more intelligent than what? Isn’t that kind of a glaring omission in a title?) because after all, it comes […]

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Screen Grabs, Blog Jabs

Okay, first up: the whole bench-warrant thing has been resolved. I am no longer a fugitive. I have a good lawyer (thanks, once again, to so many of you: speaking of which, gratitudinal e-mails now 52.8% completed!). Now all we have to worry about is a justice system that criminalizes the flinch response. Should be […]

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On the Lam

Once again, I was going to do a science post today. I was going to review a recent paper purporting to show that athiests and liberals are smarter than conservative religious types, and (bet you won’t see this coming) I was going to savage it as junk science. And once again, the world has thrown […]

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