Calling Nina Gislop…

…who lives somewhere around Vancouver, and whose e-mail and twitter IDs have mysteriously vanished sometime in the past couple of months, whose sparse Google tracks lead to dead ends.

And who made a generous donation to the Squidgate/Kibble Fund before disappearing.  If you’re out there, in this universe or that parallel one, thank you.

(Thankyoumails 38% complete)

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6 Responses to “Calling Nina Gislop…”

  1. I’m new here.

    What’s this Squidgate/Kibble Fund?

    I know about the issue with the US border guards, so you don’t have to tell me about the whole issue, I just don’t know what this fund is.

  2. @Gabor

    Kibble fund = feeding/mending sick kitties. Squidgate is the whole police brutality at the border thing.

    Also, Pete, THIRTY-EIGHT % !?!?! Holy fucking hell how many thousands did you start with?

  3. To add to what Keippernicus wrote, since there is no specific fund set up for donations that would help lessen Peter’s legal costs wrt the Squidgate thing, people have started to put money in the Kibble Fund.

    David Nickle explains how it works here, with an addedendum here.

  4. Also, Pete, THIRTY-EIGHT % !?!?! Holy fucking hell how many thousands did you start with?


    Okay, who was the asshole who sent Peter the 10 pounds of nickels, postage due, three to an envelope, from all those different addresses?

  5. For those who can’t or would rather not send Banana or Peter some help via the computer/internet, there is a physical mailing address on this website accepting such kibble memorial funds~

    Info here, on this website:

    (Holy dead duck! Over 7 minutes long!)

  6. Thanks for the explanations!

    I don’t think the thank you mails are so important. I think they are much less important than finishing and publishing the sidequel to Blindsight. 🙂