Art Imitates Argument

By now you’ve all noticed the termineetah.

She’s the handiwork of a guy called Andrew Chase. You can find other samples of his work over on his website (or cut straight to the cool stuff here and here). We’ve exchanged the occasional e-mail in the past, but I had no idea he built this kind of stuff. I mean, the steampunk cat is just the beginning; wait’ll you see his Droidephant. His Giraffinator.

Wait’ll you see his Theseus:

It’s more than art; it’s functional. The damn thing’s a reading lamp, and it’s a meter long, and it’s currently languishing way the fuck over at Steeles Avenue because UPS doesn’t know how to find my address. I’ve seen fan art inspired by my writing before (you’ll find some of it in the Gallery), but this? Solid, three-dimensional, big enough to fend off a border guard kicking in my door?

This is gorgeous. This is lethal. This is the best tribute ever.

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16 Responses to “Art Imitates Argument”

  1. keanani

    Oh wow. That’s incredibly beautiful.

    Art and science. Science and Art.

    I think I am in love…

  2. Bahumat

    Damn. Totally loving it. 😀

  3. jrronimo


    That’s about all I can do. Excuse me, now — I have to get the drool out of my cup.

  4. keanani

    Termineetah, she is “Afer Ventus” ~

    Afer Ventus. Zephyrus.
    Volturnus. Africus.
    Et itur ad astra.
    Et itur ad astra.
    Etesiarum. Eurus.

    (African Wind. Zephyrus.
    Volturnus. Africus.
    And we go to the stars.
    And we go to the stars.
    Etesiarum. Eurus.)

    Afer Ventus ~ Enya

  5. Keippernicus

    Wow, that’s awesome.

    When I get the kinks hammered out of my A-gate I’m going to ship you a fully functional (and anatomically correct) Lenie!

  6. Pearson

    never could find that Canary Island fan video for Blindsight on Youtube…do you have that on the site anywhere?

  7. Mattan Ingram

    A Theseus reading lamp.

    You are the luckiest author ever.

    How close is it to how you saw it in your mind’s eye?

  8. George Berger

    Beutiful stuff Peter. I will show it to friendly fans asap.

  9. Hannu Blommila

    Wow. Just wow. I am in love.

  10. keanani

    Hannu Blommila said: “Wow. Just wow. I am in love.”

    Hey, I was professing my love first…but we can share!

    Cyberkinetic steamypunkeye-candy…wow wow…wow wow…

    I know a kitty that’s tough but sweet…she’s so fine she can’t be beat…

    Theseus got everything that I desire…sets the summer sun of fire…

    I want candy! I want candy!

    Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!!

  11. Daniel

    Ideally, I would love to see a Blindsight graphic novel. That’s my dream.

  12. Jeremy

    Someone should make a “Scramblers and Friends” posable action figure set. Then you can have space battles of epic (scaled) proportions.

  13. Chris

    “Someone should make a “Scramblers and Friends” posable action figure set. Then you can have space battles of epic (scaled) proportions.” – Jeremy

    I can see the ad now. Forgive me.

    “Theseus looms onto screen against the cold unforgiving stars… wielded by a seven-year old’s hand. The little paw swings down, bringing Theseus to rest on an immaculate moonscape that appears to be composed of fish tank gravel and the kind of sand invariably found in caves the universe over. Her crew is spread in two semi-arches around her, caught in various unlikely posses. Amanda Bates, surrounded by her grunts, about to fire a gun of unlikely proportions (push the button on the back and it will light up and make a “B’zat-B’zat!” noise). Next is Jukka Sarasti, wearing black and in the classic Nosferatu pose, fangs bared and glowing red eyes (“That really glow in the dark!” the seven year old informs us in a tone that implies the great significance of this fact). Szpindel (other xenobiologists having an unmarketable nicotine habit), we are told “comes with his own space lab and alien autopsy set!” Susan James comes with a set of interchangable heads to illustrate her personalities. Last is Siri, set slightly apart from the others. He appears to be wearing a leather jacket and is about fifteen years too young. Pushing the button on the back reveals a series of Flash Gordon-esque one liners and quips. The final touch is that his “escape pod” looks rather more like a starfighter.”

    As the camera pans back the Narrator talks us out almost to quickly to hear. “Stretch and Clench scrambler action figures with ‘Real Grasping Action!’ come separately. Inflatable Rorschach backyard funset not included.”

  14. americanincanada


    I want one. No wait… make that 2

  15. Andrew


    You’re a evil marketing genius! That was WAY too plausible.


  16. Michael_gr

    Hey, look at this!

    That illustration at the top, doesn’t it look familiar?
    (And take a look at that last paragraph)