Anyone going to this?

I’d like to, but am coming down with some kind of sore-throat/stuffed-sinus/flesh-eating-virus thingy, and have decided that I should probably quarantine myself today.  If any of you locals are going to be checking it out, though, I’d  be grateful for  an executive summary.

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11 Responses to “Anyone going to this?”

  1. Abstraction, science, beer/coffee, a bull session. heh heh heh. Sounds like college.

    *misses college for a minute*

  2. If you’d posted it last night, I would have. I’ve just got back from downtown, having finished an astronomy workshop just after 4…


  3. that virus is really making the rounds.

  4. That right there is why I wish I didn’t live in Alberta. If anyone does end up sending you a summary Peter, you should throw it up here for the rest of us unfortunates.

  5. The world would be a better place if more people had the politeness to think “Hmm I’m an infectious bag a fluids today. I think I will stay away from the general population.” Alas it is not so.

  6. Damn. Wish I’d seen that earlier.

  7. Damn. If I had read this earlier today I totally would have gone.

  8. Guess you should stop sharing dessert with certain infection vectors. Obviously there was not enough disinfecting alcohol used.

  9. Damn, missed it (and I LOVE The Rivoli and haven’t been there for ages). But thanks for alerting us to CS. There’s some more Toronto events upcoming here, and a list of other Canadian events here. Looks like Calgary has something interesting on climate change coming up on Tuesday.

  10. Were you drinking wine with Jeremiah?

    Mornings are brighter with Juice!

  11. A very fitting article for this thread. Free Will Is An Illusion: