Not the Heinlein Novel.

Oh, right. Friday. In and out in about five minutes. I was back in Canada by  9:30am (although I got to sit around in the Sarnia Public Library for the next nine hours or so, waiting for the evening train home). Same judge as before, so whatever laid him low the first time around was […]

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Could Blindsight‘s Vampires Beat Twilight‘s Vampires in a Fair Fight?

Strangely, that actually seems to be a subject of discussion over at I mean, I’ve never read the Twilight books (those are the vamps that, er, sparkle, yes?), but seriously.  Is there any question?

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Deus Ex Machina: or, Why I’m in Port Huron Twice This Week

Okay, so. Kind of a schizoid crossing this time. The usual level of service was restored on the front lines, where my car was searched (as we all know, evildoers are most likely to smuggle contraband when entering the country for a court appearance), all cell phones were confiscated, and I was berated by a […]

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Long Shots and Long Lists

Huh. I’ve just been informed by someone codenamed “SciCurious” that my Climategate posting has been chosen as one of the “50 Best Science Blogging Posts of the Year” by an elite cabal of judges running something known as the Open Laboratory! Competition. (I do not know the purpose of the exclamation point. If it is […]

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Either That or it’s Swine Flu

I’ve spewed these shrimp from both ends now From front and back, and still somehow, It’s shrimp gone rotten I recall I really can’t eat shrimmmmmp… At allllllll… To those who were expecting to hear back from me early this week, my apologies. I think the worst has been purged.

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One Damn Thing After Another.

So, “The Things” — conceived here, given the ol’ prenatal ultrasound here and here, fostered lovingly by Jonathan Strahan until reluctantly put back up for adoption — went live yesterday over at Clarkesworld, in their first edition of 2010. I’m chuffed to discover that they didn’t just post the story; they podcast it as well, […]

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