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The Chronicles of Sarnia*: The Boredeal

This was supposed to be a one-day trial, two days tops.  We are now going into our fourth day.  Jury deliberated most of today, went an hour into overtime, will reconvene tomorrow.  Nails are being bitten, ulcers are being eroded, and I am out of clean underwear. This could go either way.  I will say […]

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Screen Grabs, Blog Jabs

Okay, first up: the whole bench-warrant thing has been resolved. I am no longer a fugitive. I have a good lawyer (thanks, once again, to so many of you: speaking of which, gratitudinal e-mails now 52.8% completed!). Now all we have to worry about is a justice system that criminalizes the flinch response. Should be […]

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On the Lam

Once again, I was going to do a science post today. I was going to review a recent paper purporting to show that athiests and liberals are smarter than conservative religious types, and (bet you won’t see this coming) I was going to savage it as junk science. And once again, the world has thrown […]

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Calling Nina Gislop…

…who lives somewhere around Vancouver, and whose e-mail and twitter IDs have mysteriously vanished sometime in the past couple of months, whose sparse Google tracks lead to dead ends. And who made a generous donation to the Squidgate/Kibble Fund before disappearing.  If you’re out there, in this universe or that parallel one, thank you. (Thankyoumails […]

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Not the Heinlein Novel.

Oh, right. Friday. In and out in about five minutes. I was back in Canada by  9:30am (although I got to sit around in the Sarnia Public Library for the next nine hours or so, waiting for the evening train home). Same judge as before, so whatever laid him low the first time around was […]

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Deus Ex Machina: or, Why I’m in Port Huron Twice This Week

Okay, so. Kind of a schizoid crossing this time. The usual level of service was restored on the front lines, where my car was searched (as we all know, evildoers are most likely to smuggle contraband when entering the country for a court appearance), all cell phones were confiscated, and I was berated by a […]

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Long Shots and Long Lists

Huh. I’ve just been informed by someone codenamed “SciCurious” that my Climategate posting has been chosen as one of the “50 Best Science Blogging Posts of the Year” by an elite cabal of judges running something known as the Open Laboratory! Competition. (I do not know the purpose of the exclamation point. If it is […]

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Infinite Regression.

…or maybe just Regression. Either way, this is getting weird. The Port Huron Times-Herald is not just running stories about my case; it has begun running stories on my blog postings about my case. I can hardly wait to see whether they run a piece on this blog posting on their coverage of my last […]

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Best. Border Crossing. Ever.

“Shit, what was the name of the supervisor who authorised the release of my stuff?  Trevor Whitb—” “Troy.” “Troy what?  Troy McLean?  Troy McClure?” “From the Simpsons?” “We’re almost up.  Shit, what’s that guy’s name?” “Hi, I’m Troy McClure.  You might remember me from such films as—“ “Shit, shit, we’re up. Act nonchalant.” “Passports, please.” […]

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You Know Who You Are.

You were on the bridge that day, or you said you were.  You posted this comment.  You said you saw the guards attack me without provocation, while I was in “total compliance”.  You wished me well. You did not tell me who you were. If you were really there — if you really saw this […]

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