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Cops, Control, and KoolAid: some thoughts on Madeline Ashby’s “Loss Prevention”

Madeline Ashby and I have a history.   We’ve known each other for years, attended the same writing workshop, stood by each other in times of personal distress.  We bonded over that time, not least over the fact that each of us has experienced misfortune at the hands of border officials:  Madeline, a US citizen, at […]

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A Query and a Caution

I don’t suppose any of you know anything about this?: I found it in my laptop bag the other day. I have no idea how long it was lurking in there. It might be there yet if my accursed Dell laptop hadn’t finally crapped out beyond any hope of redemption, forcing me to clean out […]

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Detox. Recharge.

I have spent the better part of a week lying back and letting the stress hormones leach slowly out of my system. I have been taking my friends off hold one by one, and avoiding deadlines, and growing plump.  I’ve been looking at the sky, and marvelling that I’ll be able to look at it […]

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Smoke Monsters

So by now you’ve heard, from any of a myriad sources: suspended sentence. Jail time but no jail time, just as long as I paid a relatively small fine ($500), and a somewhat larger bolus of assorted court costs ($1128). And I did pay, promptly if not exactly gladly. If I’d gone to jail I’d […]

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I. Am.

Coming home. More tomorrow.

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Flanders asked, in the comments under the Octopus post, when I was going to share my “good news”. Logically Enough surmised that the octopi had got me. The truth is somewhat worse: my good news is on hold for the time being, having been swamped by an unrelated development that is, well, not so good. […]

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Spankings and Perspicacity

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. It’s all over the gaming threads now that The Lead Writer for Crysis 2 Has Been Convicted Of Assault. Last night some online journo asked for my reaction: this morning someone else wrote to ask how my imminent incarceration was going to affect the timeline for C2. I’m telling everyone […]

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Undemocratic Journalism

I’ve noticed something, in all the recent coverage of my travails. It’s pretty much happened without me. I mean, sure, it’s about me. (Proximately, at least — I’d argue it’s ultimately about something much greater than a minor dust-up between an ageing author and some border-crawling nitwit who apparently lists We Hate Islam and Glenn […]

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DVD Extras and Director Commentary

…In Seven Parts 1. The Jury A couple of the jurors have spoken out, both on the Times-Herald site and on this newscrawl. In both cases their comments tend to be obscured in the blizzard of less-informed commentary surrounding them, so I reprint them in their entirety here: From the Times-Herald site: “As a member […]

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From the keyboard of a freshly-convicted felon… Okay, so the word is out. That was fast. I suppose I should weigh in. First off, I have no complaints about my lawyer: Doug Mullkoff did a great job. He blew the guards’ testimony out of the water at every turn, highlighted the appropriate contradictions (e.g., Beaudry […]

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