Going Viral.

When you’re a first-time lecturer in a department full of senior faculty, odds are you’ll get crap time slots when it comes to your teaching load. When you’re a first-time lecturer whose supervisor is the most-detested rival of the department head, you’re pretty much guaranteed as much. Which is how I ended up teaching Advanced […]

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That Which Is Not To Be Named.

Or described.  Or empictured, or hinted at, or invoked in any way:  except for this brief and unenlightening announcement, which has been approved from upstairs. I’m working on a project with Capcom Vancouver. It’s currently a Schröedinger’s Cat:  not alive, not dead, or maybe both.  The important thing right now is to not pop the […]

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Cold Vancouver, Creeping Votes

I’m on my way to Vancouver for a week (no, I can’t tell you why just yet — hopefully soon). And I gotta say, looking at the weather forecast I am not happy.  I lived in Vancouver for over a decade, and among its many pleasures was the torrent of cherry blossoms and the t-shirt […]

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In Space, No One Can Hear You Scar the Patterns.

I was going start this off by claiming that I don’t often pimp those in my own social circle — to try and convey the sense that I’m Mr. Objective and totally averse to conflicts of interest, I guess — but when I thought about that for about two seconds I realized it was bullshit. […]

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Odd Man Out: The Starship Sofa Online Workshop

Starship Sofa (the phenomenal, out-of-nowhere, Hugo-award-winning brainchild of Tony Smith) is hosting an on-line event on March 31.  It’s being promoted as “a workshop for aspiring science fiction writers”, and at least two of the speakers bear this out: Ann Vandermeer will be talking about “Unlocking Your Creativity”, and Nancy Kress will describe techniques for […]

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Break Fast.

Sengupta threw a video feed onto the wall: Rowdy voices, flashing lights, a mag-lev table wobbling at an insane angle thanks to some drunken asshole trying to dance on the damn thing. Impromptu footage of a campus bar; the student ambience would be a dead giveaway anywhere on the planet but Brüks was pretty sure […]

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