I For One Would Like to Welcome Our New Small-Press Overlords…

Haven’t had much to say recently. I’ve been head-down against an imminent deadline while trying not to dwell on catastrophic medical scenarios grown suddenly personal (a family member, within a hairsbreadth of death for the past couple of weeks: the situation remains dire, but has at least stabilized for the moment). Topped it all off […]

Bons Mots.

Way over in France, ActuSF has posted an interview.  Go here for the Frawnsh translation; here for the original Canuckian).  If you want to know why I suck at writing villains, how American triumphalism forced me to turn Starfish into a trilogy, and exactly why I’m so defensive on the subject of vampires, you might […]

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BOG, meet Internet. Internet: BOG.

  Russian for “God”, I’ve been told. Phonetically at least. Also British for “toilet”.  But here, now, it’s an acronym:  Big Orange Guy or Beloved Old Goof or Barrel O’Greatness. He is not, as you can see, a great beauty. He may in fact be the homeliest mammal in all of southern Ontario. And we […]

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Hopefully Not An April Fool’s Joke.

I mean, you gotta wonder when Margaret Atwood’s final specs settle in at 666.  Even if she has scarcely varied from that beastly number for the past two weeks. There were a couple of weird hiccoughs along the way — a sudden 2.5% jump for The Pattern Scars back on the 21st, in addition to […]

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