Freddie Mercury was Wrong.

You may remember a while back when I squeed about “The Things” being nominated for a BSFA. As it turned out yesterday, it didn’t win — which would have left me bitter and resentful if not for the fact that the same story has also made the finals for the Shirley Jackson Award. (This has actually […]

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Fleshmesh: Or, More Guidelines than Actual Rules…

Specifically, Guideline #5: Do not drink any wine, beer, or alcohol for twenty-four hours after your discharge from the hospital. Yeah, right. Like that was ever going to happen. But I’m back home now, and bedridden again, and all the range-of-motion exercises I was supposed to perform last time (to increase strength in the ankle) […]

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Road Rash Day

So. Skin graft in a few hours. I’m told it’s a little like laying sod. First they take this Black & Decker belt sander to roughen up that fresh red meat I’ve been growing for the past couple of months (basically to velcroize the surface, so the new skin has some nooks and crannies to […]

The Cuddliness of the Uplifted Billionaire.

So this Guy Kahane character, deputy director of the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics,  has been raising a few hackles with his musings on using drugs to induce “moral” behavior. The article has been cut and pasted all over the web (about eight hundred bloggers have opined at last count), and it certainly seems provocative enough […]

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So. Ad Astra in retrospect. Pretty damn fine. (And no one was even capriciously banned from attendance, as far as I know.) I was loaded up with panels on Friday night, loaded up with panels on Sunday. Saturday was pretty much clear except for a reading in the morning and some kind of group autograph […]

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An unwelcome surprise when I stripped off the dressing this morning. Probably should have been more careful about pulling stray cat hairs out of the wound…

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Ad Astra

So. Ad Astra ’11, this very weekend:  their 30th anniversary, and they’re pulling out the stops. In addition to this year’s Guests of Honor (Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon), they’ve recruited a bunch of past GoHs for return engagements. So I’d be one of those. I will be there. First public event since the Killer […]

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