A Prick in a Poke: Penises and the Preconscious Mind

Andrew Buhr pointed me to Jesse Bering’s  article over at scientificamerican.com. It’s an interesting popsci review of sexsomnia (i.e, sex while asleep), and all the awkwardness, legal and otherwise, arising therefrom. The dude in France who anally raped his employee because the employee’s somnambulistic behavior led him to believe the act was consensual; the other […]

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Late-Breaking, Live-Streaming

If any of you have gotten bored and glanced over at the Coming Appearances slice of the sidebar, you may have noticed the Transhumanism Meets Design item coming up this weekend in New York.  It’s an event which, while not present in the flesh, I’ll be Skyping into around 1400 so that I may riff […]

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Vagina Boy.

It was three months ago to the day that they first opened my leg to scrape out the rot within. Just this week I received the jpeg of that initial exploratory incision: As it turned out, it wasn’t big enough. This is what my leg looked like a few hours later (and, for that matter, […]

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Crysis: Outtake

Do you believe in fate, Roger?  Deja vu?  Any of that shit? I never really gave much thought to it before, but lately it’s almost as though something’s —directing me, almost.  Like, as long as you steer right it’s clear to the horizon, but every time you try to go left there’s a pile of […]

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To Intensify Heinlein…

…Democracy is based on the idea that a million idiots can make a better decision than a single intelligent person. I suppose the obvious rejoinder would have something to do with sour grapes. Still, the following facts are not in dispute: this is the first government in Canadian history to have been found in contempt […]

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