Smoke Monsters

So by now you’ve heard, from any of a myriad sources: suspended sentence. Jail time but no jail time, just as long as I paid a relatively small fine ($500), and a somewhat larger bolus of assorted court costs ($1128). And I did pay, promptly if not exactly gladly. If I’d gone to jail I’d […]

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I. Am.

Coming home. More tomorrow.

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Flanders asked, in the comments under the Octopus post, when I was going to share my “good news”. Logically Enough surmised that the octopi had got me. The truth is somewhat worse: my good news is on hold for the time being, having been swamped by an unrelated development that is, well, not so good. […]

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Coincidence? I Think Not.

So, I see that some of you have noticed the endearing footage of the kleptopus making off with some hapless diver’s video camera. (For those who don’t follow the endlessly proliferating comment threads from previous posts, the smoking-gun is here.1) Oh yes, how cute. But how many of you have noticed how closely this act […]

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“Kick Ass” does.

Especially Hit Girl.  Fuck the “family values” splutterers. That is all.

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Keep the Creatures Safe from Harm

Busy, postingless weekend. Ad Astra gobbled up most of it, although even there I didn’t get to as much stuff as I’d have liked (there was in particular a room party in 020 that I wanted to check out). An audience member at the self-promotion panel emphasized that biographical, dear-diary-type blog postings are lame, because […]

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Ad Astra: Imbibum etum Vomitum

Ad Astra starts tomorrow. I suppose I should list my schedule, for any of you who might be in attendance: Friday 9pm, Crowne Room: Reading (with my buddy Dave Nickle). I’d been thinking of reading a bit of in-progress stuff from State of Grace, but then the Hugo nom happened so I think I’ll sample […]

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Hand Jobs for Hugo

And so it came to pass that a certain editor suggested we push “The Island” a little more front-and-center, for the benefit of any who might wish to read it before voting. And since I haven’t updated my Backlist page in longer than I can remember, I figured sure, why not. So you’ll find it […]

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Well, here we go again.

My own personal secret to success (such as it is) seems to be:  if you’re only going to write one story a year, put everything you’ve got into it.  They’ve just announced the finalists for this year’s Hugo Awards, and “The Island” made the short list for “Best Novelette”.  I’m still not entirely clear on […]

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