Well, here we go again.

My own personal secret to success (such as it is) seems to be:  if you’re only going to write one story a year, put everything you’ve got into it.  They’ve just announced the finalists for this year’s Hugo Awards, and “The Island” made the short list for “Best Novelette”.  I’m still not entirely clear on the distinction between “novella” and “novelette”, but in this case it means that I’m only going up against one Charlie Stross story instead of two, and I’ve managed to avoid going head-to-head with Scalzi’s “The God Engines” entirely.  No matter.  I’ll probably get my ass kicked anyway.

That said, though, it is nice to be able to pass on some good news for a change.  If I didn’t have so much to do I’d probably call someone up at random and demand that they take me out for a beer.  As it stands, I’ll have to wait until Ad Astra this Friday.  You’ve been warned.

I should be happier.  This whole convicted-felon thing kind of puts a damper on everything, you know?


PS. While I extend hearty congrats to all the nominees, I’m especially happy to see that “Up” made the finals for best long-form dramatic. That was one fine, curmudgeon-friendly movie. Not that I’d be upset if “Moon” were to take the prize, mind you…

PPS.  “Avatar” made the finals, and “Children of Earth” didn’t? What’s up with that (other than the obvious starfucking, I suppose…)?

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  1. keanani

    Peter revealed: ”The Island’ made the short list for ‘Best Novelette’.”

    Yay! See? Doing exactly what you want and how you want to do it may result in recognition for your creativity, talent and intellectual gifts. Being humble about it also differentiates those who write because they love it and generously share their writings with others from those who may write to achieve fame and its’ attendant trappings.

    Besides, being recognized in and of itself is a great honor, so really, everyone is a winner in that regard.

    Nerdgasm Comedy?! What fun!

    Peter said: “I should be happier. This whole convicted-felon thing kind of puts a damper on everything, you know?”

    Of course. However, there is a difference between “being convicted of a felony” and “being a convicted felon”, the former happened to you, but the latter is not what you are. You were convicted of a felony because of a bad statute, lying plaintiffs and a jury that did not do the right thing.

  2. keanani

    “Novelette: a story of moderate length having the characteristics of a novel.”

    “Novella: a short novel, a long short story.”

    All categories:

    “Best Novel. A science fiction or fantasy story of forty thousand (40,000) words or more.

    Best Novella. A science fiction or fantasy story of between seventeen thousand five hundred (17,500) and forty thousand (40,000) words.

    Best Novelette. A science fiction or fantasy story of between seven thousand five hundred (7,500) and seventeen thousand five hundred (17,500) words.

    Best Short Story. A science fiction or fantasy story of less than seven thousand five hundred (7,500) words.”

    Found on and taken from

  3. Jannie

    Congratulations Peter! The nomination is well deserved! Unfortunately, I won’t be at Ad Astra but will see if I can get some proxies to buy you a few beers. . .

  4. Michael Johnson

    Best of luck! I have yet to read it, but I will once I finish Behemoth.

  5. Cat Vincent

    Congrats on the nod – hope you win.

    Glad ‘Moon’ is on the list, but I do wish someone had put ‘Ink’ up there – great low-budget fantasy, almost like Gaiman meets Matrix. Worth a look, better then most of the nominees IMO.

  6. Scott C.

    Congrats on the nomination Peter! See, you just watch. Once all this unpleasantness is behind you, the fact that you are now officially “dangerous” is going to do wonders for your writing career. Of course, your actual *writing* was always going to be helpful in that regard also, but now you’ve got “street cred.”

  7. Scott C.

    (P.S.) I’m actually glad you’re not in the Novel category this time around so I don’t have to make a choice between you and China Mieville. 😉

  8. keanani

    Peter said: “No matter. I’ll probably get my ass kicked anyway.”

    Nah. There’ll be no a$$ kicking going on. As I stated above, everyone nominated is a winner, but one person has to be picked for the one prize. We will still “love you” Peter, and your writings, whatever happens. 🙂

    Besides if there is indeed any kicking of someone’s a$$ who captains this here blog, it will be something to do with that “Junk Sociobiology” review piece down there some leagues below, as if you may have believed to be forgotten, but Nemo can’t save you from that, being “the squid” and all, Moby has quite the memory and teeth instead of a hairy baleen shrimp sifter…

  9. DavidK

    Congrats! Excellent company to be in. Of the ones in your category that I’ve read, “The Island” is my favorite, so I’m cheering it on.

    I also wondered about the lack of a nod for the Torchwood series – did it fall between the long form and short form, and no one knew where to place it?

  10. 01


  11. RedIndianGirl

    I am definitely buying you beer. Congratulations — “The Island” truly is an excellent story and fer once, just preen a little — you deserve it.

  12. keanani

    Peter expressed: “I’m especially happy to see that “Up” made the finals
    for best long-form dramatic. That was one fine, curmudgeon-friendly

    Man, it should be a lot of fun at Ad-Astra, being a happy, beer-swigging
    curmudgeonly human amidst a Zombie Queen, Star Troopers, Wookies,
    nerdy comedians who whip up nerdgasms and an assortment of
    wonderful writers, many owned by kittycats, and one who taught
    choreography to strippers…I’m jealous…

    “What the people need is a way to make them smile…”

  13. Allister01

    I got so excited when you mentioned Ad Astra because I thought you were playing the board game Ad Astra. A con is cool too, but come on. You can’t get my hopes up like that 🙁

  14. Anony Mouse


    I don’t intend to be a downer, but does your conviction make it difficult to attend this event if you so chose? And I don’t mean the obvious possibility (hopefully remote) that you may be forcibly confined at the time. I know that a Canadian with a conviction in the US has a very difficult time entering the US. I was just not sure if the same applied to other more civilized countires.

    Oh, by the way, congrats.

  15. keanani

    Hey Peter,

    Are you going to participate in any of the following ~ “Steamed to
    Perfection”, “Beefcake Cheesecake Charity” and/or “Top Zombie”?

    You could reveal your vision of Jukka Sarasti with the cool visor thing-a-ma-jig-ee, but you might have to go Kabuki-Butoh painted, and maybe some steamy punk flourishes.

    Certainly Sarasti would easily kick teddy bearish Wookie butt. Then, as what happened in Blindsight, Jukka would be able to transition into a zombie cause of the crucifix glitch, so you’d be the “walking dead”. You would have to add red food coloring and caro syrup about your head and maybe have a bit of brain matter peeking.

    Thereby you would be able to participate in both the Steam Punk and Zombie stuff! Just a thought.

    If so, pictures pictures…great for your blog! 🙂

    “All the right friends in all the right places, so yeah we’re going down…

    Everybody knows, everybody knows where we’re going…”

  16. Colin

    Congrats on the nomination!

    I’ll do my darndest to make it to your reading (whenever the heck it is) and if the opportunity provides itself, I’ll happily buy you a beer, too.

  17. Seruko

    I was saddened to hear of your conviction.

    The Island is a damn fine story, even if published without fanfare. I look forward to the longer work in the same universe you’ve hinted at.

  18. Nick N

    It should be pointed out that anyone can be a voting member of the convention for $50 US/CAN (here). There will also be a “Hugo voter packet” that typically contains almost all of the standard fiction nominees in ebook form (no DRM), it can be a good opportunity to read some of the best SF of the year. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to nominate for next year’s Hugo’s, which (coincidentally) is when “The Things” is eligible (in two categories, even).

    I wasn’t sure it was going to be in my budget this year, but the above combined with the opportunity to vote for “The Island” is sounding mighty tempting…

  19. Hannu Blommila

    Congrats Peter! Well deserved. “The Island” rocks. I would definitely buy you a beer if I happened to be there on your side of the world.

  20. Terry Findlay

    Martin and I will be at Ad Astra Saturday night. There’s a beer reserved with your name on it. Congratulations!

  21. keanani

    “Up” was great, but I hope “Moon” wins, and compared to “Avatar”, “Star Trek” and “District 9”, the reasons why should be apparent.

    But then I also liked “Sunshine” (2007) and “Event Horizon” (1997) so maybe I am just a bit biased…

    Hundreds of wet, sweaty Germans kicking it Scottish on fields of fire…?

  22. Gordo

    Congratulations, Peter. I’ve never been able to understand how awards nominees and winners of any kind are determined, so I’ll not try. It makes my head hurt.

    That said, drop me line the next time you’re down Kingston-way. Beer’s on me. 🙂

  23. RandomJ

    @Peter Watts

    “The Island” is awesome.

    Congrats, Peter.


    is it too late for me to purchase “supporting membership” aka voting rights?

  24. Nick N

    RandomJ: definitely not too late. I tried to post the link above, but either I messed something up or the spam filter ate it. Try copy/pasting this link:

  25. Nick N

    And, of course, when I don’t try to be clever about it, it automatically turns my text link into a clickable version. So just click on it!

  26. keanani

    Peter incredulously asked: “‘Avatar’ made the finals, and ‘Children of Earth’ didn’t? What’s up with that (other than the obvious starfucking, I suppose…)?”

    Hmmm, I take it ya did not find “Avatar” worthy of this nom. Did you not like the overblown heavy hammered morality tale about a typical stereotyped greedy corporation conglomerate backed by military dudes pillaging a planet’s natural resources and disposing of the planet’s indigenous life forms that got in their way of planet ransacking, conceived of and created by that “I am King of the World”, “Titanic-Canadian-Who-Lives-in-the-U.S.A.”?

    Must be that issue of not winning the Oscar, perhaps, that locker was hurt…or maybe having made oodles of obscene amounts of beaucoup megabucks at the box office. Neither of which should be relevant to winning an award.

    Perhaps there should be a category for scifi/fantasy special effects then, allowing for those movies and tv shows that aren’t worthy winners of substance and meaning, but darn good for techy eye-candy and creative innovation propelling entertainment into vast new realms of human enthralled couch potato entertainment.

    “Candy Dulfer has terrific saxuality…”

  27. Brandy

    Hey pal, that’s some good company you are keeping!

  28. C.V.

    First the Hugo and now the Locus, too. Double congrats!