I. Am.

Coming home.

More tomorrow.

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  4. ET

    Home – what a relief.

  5. ScottC.

    Congratulations Peter! I’m glad this is behind you now, and it all worked out much better than it could have. Still, that’s quite a bill they reamed you with for the pleasure of a beat-down and a blinding. But, again, could have been so much worse.

    All the best! To celebrate, I have commissioned a new batch of official Watts fanart!

  6. Ellen Datlow

    I’m relieved for you, Peter.

  7. Kai

    By the blasted hells, I’m glad to hear that. I was busy at a con all weekend and nearly broke a glass when I read the previous post a second ago. Just glad you made it out of there. Be well Petter.

  8. Kieran


  9. George Berger

    Peter, I am delighted to hear that you won’t have to go to jail. Take it easy for a while. I guess this mess was quite an ordeal.

    One report said that you said nothing when asked if you had any comments. You did the right thing. That’s quite dignified and fully appropriate..
    Best George

  10. Marna Nightingale


  11. Do-Ming Lum

    Peter, we are glad you didn’t have to do jail time on top of everything else that has happened to you. Best wishes,

  12. Paul


    Peter, I am so glad to hear this. I find it astonishing that this has elicited anything more than a note in some courtroom backlog and a shovelful of demerits towards a few certain border security types.

    I wish you’d visit in San Diego but I don’t see you as eager to visit our fair(ly stupid) country again soon. We won’t take it personally.

  13. Brainbread

    Congratulations! Thats great to hear. I’m excited to hear all about it!

  14. Alehkhs

    Dr. Watts, it is great to hear that you’re still swimming free!

  15. Arachne Jericho

    I’m so glad you’re home free.

  16. Joe Ardent

    Fucking. Sweet.

  17. Sebastian

    Hell yeah. You could hear the tension bubble popping after this announcement.

    Although, you will miss out on the cervantesian writer cred of “wrote this in prison.” 馃檪

  18. David S.


  19. dirk

    Good to hear Peter
    God save us all from petty little men with a bit of power, backed up by a system that has a near pathological need to exert its authority no matter what .
    I suppose the moral of the story is,that if some twit border guard treats you with total disrespect you had better dare not call him on it. Indeed if push comes to shove ,like the police, border guards will close ranks and lie to protect themselves… little men indeed !
    Again glad to hear your home,that said the whole experience must be very hard to swallow , on top of it all & to add insult to injury they rob you !

  20. Hannes Riffel

    Great News! Please make it known if you need any more money to get out of this without further problems.

  21. mtm


  22. John Doe

    This is a real relief, I’m so happy to hear that!
    All the best!

  23. malakh

    That is indeed GOOD NEWS!

  24. Andreas

    Phew… Congrats! At last a shred of sanity in this torrent of madness.

  25. Chris in MN


    Writer avoids jail in border dispute by paying fines


    May not be online yet.

  26. Peter D

    Very pleased to hear this new. One more travesty in this story would have been unbearable.

  27. Laur

    Welcome home Peter. Great that it’s finally over, that’s what’s important right now.

    The fact that you had to go through it all still sucks though – like an old-fashioned heavy-duty Hoover.

  28. The Doctor

    Excellent! Glad to hear it!

  29. Rachel


    So glad and relieved for you.

  30. Hannu Blommila

    Great news Peter. Congrats! At least some sanity prevailed.

  31. Rick Innis

    Glad to hear it.

  32. Cat J.


    (cheated and read link to D. Nickle’s blog posted in comments to prev. post)

  33. Mike Tevee

    Anarchy burger!
    (hold the Government!)

  34. Hlj贸冒legur

    What I wanna know:

    So, um, anyone going to go find Jim Grinder online and go NEENER NEENER NEENER?

  35. Charlotte

    Congratulations! I’m so glad someone finally saw the light of reason.

  36. Michael

    I just saw the news in the G&M. This is excellent. I’m very happy for you. I’m angry that it happened, but happy that the result is not as odious as it might have been.

  37. Alexx Kay


    As an American, I’m still embarrassed at my country’s laws, and have sent a contribution towards the fines.

  38. Cristiano Lincoln

    congratulations from an avid reader in Brazil !

  39. Matt Tarplee

    Peter, I’m glad you’re coming home. I’m not happy with how things turned out, nor my country’s Orwellian laws. Mostly I am a supporter of the rule of law. Not always does the rule of coincide with justice. This was not justice. I am glad you are free and home. If we can co-locate sometime I will gladly by you a beer or five.

  40. D

    I couldn’t have been happier or more relieved.
    It’s a beautiful Tuesday, catch some sunshine if you can.

  41. Jes煤s Olmo

    Great News!
    Great Day!
    Congratulations Peter !!!!

  42. Michael Johnson

    Were the donations enough to cover the court fees?

  43. Flanders

    While I am glad Peter avoided being an involuntary guest of the State of Michigan, I am not best pleased.

    Madeline Ashby has submitted a request for a pardon to the Governor of Michigan. You might think of doing the same. Instructions at:


    Remember, when dealing with government officials with a track record of indifference towards issues of justice, flies, honey, vinegar, etc. Keep in mind that Governor’s pardons are really a matter of whimsy on the part of the official, so hope to get her in a good mood.

  44. PhilRM


  45. Allen Hunter

    I am so glad to hear this- it’s so good to finally hear some GOOD news related to this nightmare.

    I really wish there was some path to justice, or at least prosecution of the offending officers for assault and perjury, but it is good to know that at least you are home with your cats, and haven’t lost all your beer money.

  46. Paladin

    Glad to hear this. Hope they don’t beat you up again as you try to leave.

  47. Bruttl

    Looking forward to your confirmation that the reports/implications in previous posts are correct and that you actually have back your life.You will know what to do with it.

  48. Hlj贸冒legur

    Check it, my peeps –

    Port Huron Herald has changed its tune:

    Circuit Judge James Adair said Peter Watts was the kind of guy with whom he’d like to share a beer and conversation.

    “Sir, you’ve been a puzzle for me throughout (the case),” Adair said Monday before sentencing the Toronto author.

    Peter, you’re a puzzlement. I love it!

  49. Alehkhs

    Hlj贸冒legur, those quotes are amazing.

  50. Mike Bowen

    Glad to read this Peter…..well, glad there’s no jail time; ridiculous you cannot travel to US any more.

  51. DavidK

    As I said in the previous post’s comments – Glad to hear that a measure of sanity has appeared, and that you’re still on the loose. Looking forward to hearing the details when you have the energy…

  52. Hlj贸冒legur

    @Alehkhs – I know, can you believe it?

    That The Herald chose to run them as the lead-in paragraphs is a complete turn-around from their previous characterization of him as a cop-choking frothing-at-the-mouth menace that even pepper-spray could not bring down. Whence the change, I wonder.

  53. Sylocat

    Finally, someone in the U.S. justice system with a modicum of common sense.

  54. Nathan K

    Mr. Watts, congrats on not going to jail and on writing such excellent fiction (Blindsight gave me a grin that nearly unhinged my jaw). Be well and thanks for the inspiration.

  55. Janice M. Eisen

    Peter, I’m so relieved for you. Mazel tov!

  56. Samantha Martin

    Hyas mamook kloshe, what a relief.

  57. Wallace T.

    As an ashamed American, I wish that Canadians would avoid travelling to the U.S. If fewer Canadians headed south to Florida, Texas, Arizona, and other warm weather spots on account of the mistreatment of Peter Watts. The language of boycott is something that the powers that be in the United States may understand, especially in a recession.

  58. The Pathetic Earthling

    Peter, sorry my government treated you like crap. Glad the judge did what he could do.

    I’m not an immigration lawyer, but I am a lawyer, and if you want a few hours of free time to see what exceptions there are to travel to the US in light of the felony (hardship, etc.), I’d be happy to put in a couple. I’m my own boss, so I don’t need anyone’s approval for this. Of course, if you’ve got that part organized, just accept my good wishes.

  59. John Henning

    Hopefully, this is the end of the ordeal.

    This was very upsetting for all involved and even those tangentially involved, I’m sure.

    Hopefully, the ACLU will get some traction addressing these very suspect legal loopholes around civil rights and common sense.

  60. Matt K.

    Great news!

  61. Ben Baldwin

    Hey Peter,

    Just want to add my congratulations for the news. Liked your work for a while although I’ve only read a bit of it so far (will be getting more soon).

    Can’t believe how far this nonsense has gone and I’m glad it’s finally over for you now.

    Best wishes


  62. Miguel Pinto

    Congratulations, Peter, from a portuguese fan. 馃檪

    “Circuit Judge James Adair said Peter Watts was the kind of guy with whom he鈥檇 like to share a beer and conversation.”

    This quote says it all, really.

  63. Cookie McCool

    Our governor is Canadian herself, you think she’d have some sort of vestigial native sympathy and grant some pardonings.

  64. Flanders

    @Cookie McCool: You can write a letter to the Governor requesting a pardon. See my previous post, and be nice!

  65. John Hayes

    I am pleased to hear that you got at least this much – no jail time. Best of luck.

  66. KathyJo

    I live in Port Huron, but stopped reading the Times Herald long ago. Anyway, I went on the site today to post an upcoming event I’m organizing on their calendar. I noticed the article about the sentence and looked in to the matter a bit. I never heard of you or the case before today. So you know, I’ll probably read your books now. There is a lot of information on the web and I have a lot to read to figure out why U.S. border guards were involved if you were returning to Canada. I cross the border several times a week and this makes no sense to me. I’ve recently been investigating a local cabal with members in power positions which I’ve been advised to avoid the cross hairs of. There is indeed a local octopus with a common purpose. Just thought I’d let you know, at least this ordeal has succeeded in selling a book or two to me.

  67. RedIndianGirl

    If you need to get into the US illegally, I know some people. Seriously 馃檪

  68. Allister01


  69. keanani

    Hlj贸冒legur quoted: “‘Sir, you鈥檝e been a puzzle for me throughout (the case),鈥 Adair said Monday before sentencing the Toronto author.’ and then said: “Peter, you鈥檙e a puzzlement. I love it!”

    It’s all of the Squidly ways…

  70. Allister01

    Also, nice to see that rag of a newspaper change it’s tune so quick.

  71. KathyJo

    Ok, I don’t have that kind of attention span…why were the u.s. border guards encountering somebody returning to canada?

  72. keanani

    Allister01 said: “…nice to see that rag of a newspaper change it鈥檚 tune so quick” Indeed. However some of the commentators are the usual suspects…still chasing the Squid…

  73. Proudinjun

    I quit bitching on the Times Herald at the trolls. You can’t fix stupid, no matter how hard you try.

  74. KathyJo

    Attention to Americans posting here:

  75. nas

    Not to be Mr. Cranky-Pants but I’m still pissed. I’m glad you didn’t go to jail Peter, but the suspended sentence is good news the way it’s good news when a bully stops punching you. You feel kind of euphoric and irrationally grateful, but really?

    And $60 for victim’s rights? *Man*, they have a cruel sense of humour in that state. I mean, I know they don’t hand the money to Andrew Beaudry, but even conceptually it’s surreal.

    Nonetheless, I’m very relieved that the insanity didn’t go further than it did. Welcome home, dude.

  76. Barry Sagert

    Lessons learned about our rights and obligations in a democratic society:

    1) Citizens have the right to refer to the Police as “jack booted thugs” and “fascists”.
    2) Defense lawyers have an obligation to characterize the Police as “bald faced liars”.
    3) Police Officers have the legal right to issue certain orders when dealing with citizens. This privilege granted to Police Officers is called the “Rule of Law” and is backed up by centuries of Common and Statute Law.
    3) Citizens have many legal rights.
    4) Citizens also have legal obligations such as the requirement to obey a legal order and to cooperate with Police Officers.

    Did you forget about that last one Peter?

  77. Bryce Rasmussen

    So, I just wanted to weigh in with a nicely positive, neat little story-why? Cause I was one of the nes guilty of seriously negative vibes! Hey, you only have to read three or four character witness descriptions, to understand, this here Peter Watts is a pretty decent dude. And hey, my change of mind or brain comes from my family-I have a hardcore athiest brother, and a hardcore Fundamentalist Christian sister-the rest of my family is sprinkled with Liberal Christians (who also don’t believe in an invisible sky guy), some now dead relatives who read the Bible everyday, but refused to go to church, and so on.

    Basic fact is, I was on a hate thing, because I flat out anbd near totally disagree with his views-scientific or otherwise-shit, we need something better than ‘beliefs or ‘views’. Anyways, that’s simply intolerably stupid. High school retarded, if you ask me. And geez-I’ve never even read his books (something to soon be rectified-start with a free one, and then try buying-does he accept money orders?). For me, as an aspiring writer, the idea of an alien intelligence that’s potentially smarter than us, but does not posess things like free will and such, is, from a writer’s perspective, really effin’ cool.

    Anyways, He’s hung in there, and proven himself, so now I feels a bit embarassed. Do I still agree with his views? Not one wit. Not a bit, and never shall I. But that’s ALL. I never really liked the persona of Asimov-heard to many horror stories of how he handled women-but dang it, I grew up on the guy-more his science books and early stories-so what of his personal life and the way he sees things?

    Good luck on you, Mr. Watts, from a former hater-ah crap, I feel the fan thing coming on. And hey, maybe he’ll get a book out of this-that would seriously rock! Also, I’m crying not fair-an athiest (that’s what he is, right?) actually changing my views, without even being there? Horrible! I doth protest.

    But only meekly. Gonna go look his stuff up. Keep at, Mr. Watts, Peter, we need the dissenting voice.

  78. Bryce Rasmussen

    uh, whoops-whatnheck is ‘nes guilty’? Sheesh.

  79. Bryce Rasmussen

    pps-apologies for horrid typos-pride myself on that-also, I shall indeed be hoisting a bevvie of the beverage for ya. After all, Jesus turned the water into wine (I guess he did one good thing-if he actually existed)…man, his blood alcohol content must’ve been insane…anyways, nuff! Outta here!

  80. Michael Hardesty

    Barry, Peter’s rights were totally violated by the dirty cops and the Judge.
    What is wrong with you ? You read like a totalitarian.Cheney and little
    Bush stooge should be in prison for setting up a police state after 9-11.
    Most of you sheeple seem to think it’s great that Peter wasn’t gassed.
    If this is government, we don’t need it. I’m going to reread Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and Murray Rothbard’s great anarcho-capitalist work
    For A New Liberty. Canada is terrible too, going to prison for doubting
    the standard WW2 atrocity stories……But US cops are right out of Berlin,
    circa 1930s. I’m joining the anti-government movement here in the states. Those border guards are criminal thugs, PERIOD.

  81. keanani

    Maybe Peter’s ordeal will help shed light on the persecution of scientists and atheists…for daring to speak their mind…

  82. Yonmei

    So relieved to hear that. Best wishes to you and yours.

  83. Chinedum Richard Ofoegbu

    Congratulations and fuck yes!