“Kick Ass” does.

Especially Hit Girl.  Fuck the “family values” splutterers.

That is all.

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23 Responses to ““Kick Ass” does.”

  1. Michael Johnson

    I wasn’t sure if I liked the “bad-ass” little girl, but now my hand is forced. I will have to watch this movie. I do agree, however–fuck the family values.

  2. Captain Obvious

    It took me a bit to figure out what you were talking about, so in case someone else is slow, the subject is a movie named “Kick Ass” and Roger Ebert calls it “morally reprehensible”.

  3. Richard Morgan

    Seconded! This is exactly the kick in the balls that comic-book movies have richly deserved for the last decade.

  4. Chris J.

    Wow, I’m actually surprised to hear good things about this movie. I remember seeing a commercial for it not too long ago and thinking that it would be worse than every Rob Schneider movie put together – and about as funny.

    Well, if the man who wrote Altered Carbon seconds what the man who wrote Blindsight says, I guess I have no choice but to go see it!

  5. 03

    Captain Obvious said:
    “…Roger Ebert calls it “morally reprehensible”.”

    03 gooles

    If that fu…uuuuuu…nny old man thinks the movie is “reprehensible”, then it’s definitely worth watching 😀

  6. Anony Mouse

    Everyone is assuming that “morally reprehensible” is a negative comment. I think it would be a great title for Peter’s next novel.

    I used to like Roger’s critiques. He was one of a few who would critique a film based on the target audience, not what his own likes and dislikes were. Then again, he thought Saturday Night Fever was a great movie.

  7. Außenseiter

    @Anony Mouse

    He thought Watchmen were good. I blame old age.

    I wonder why he thinks the film is reprehensible. For being a fantasy but not having sanitized violence?

    With recommendations from two of my favourite authors, I’ll probably have to abduct someone to go see the film with. And I’m all out of GHB.

  8. keanani

    Don’t really have a family. The Mormon Church has the remnant of family I thought I had. Have loads of values. But not of the family kind. Don’t really go to the movies anymore. Borrow pirates before they are on DVD. Would like to kick some ass, or two, maybe more.

    That is not all.

    “This will be a swift decline….took the price tag off my head…love is a chain store…”

  9. keanani

    Well, “Kick-Ass” is the number one movie in Hawaii…

    I also saw this on the local news tonight. Hmm, seems a lot of people in Hawaii believe in the power of “Energy Healing” via someone’s silent gaze~

    For less than the price of a movie ticket in Hawaii ($9.00 U.S.), you can pay to have someone gaze at you in a group:

    Super Healer Braco in Hawaii for Healing-Energy Gazes

    He looks like a kindly soul. Came all the way over from the Balkans.

    I would choose to see this over a movie ~MoMa Performance Art Exhibit by Marina Abramovic:

    Lots of gazing going on there too, among other things…although a few seem to find nude dudes in public “morally reprehensible”…

    As for “kick in the balls”, certainly, comic-book movies being more testicle-driven rather than chesticle-driven.

  10. Chris in MN

    @keanani: Have they started cleaning up the beaches yet? Read that all of them have a garbage problem which cannot be good for the tourist trade.

    Violence in fiction is to me metaphorical anyway, though certainly not to some. Seems to me Fried Green Tomatoes is written in blood as much as Commando (once held the action pic record for most on screen solo kills, IIRC) though contains far more social redeeming value.

    Anyway, even polar opposites (chesticle and testicle) might both be suffering from the same problem. Pity one lives on Venus and the other Mars. Well, they can always meet on Mercury or Saturn, can’t they? 🙂

  11. keanani

    Speaking of kick-ass, this octopus was quite the cheeky one:

    “…a beautiful mind or a beautiful body…”

  12. Hljóðlegur

    this octopus was quite the cheeky one

    AHAHAHAHAHA! THANK YOU! I laughed out loud – what a wonderful little video, made even funnier because you have to imagine Mr. Huang chasing the octopus while you’re sitting there in his mouth. The suction cup on the lens was priceless.

    Many thanks.

    Wonder what the camera tastes like to an octopus?

  13. Chris in MN

    Blog post about Alaskan whale and orca troubles and Peter Watts.

  14. 01


    Oh, what a lovable octopus.

  15. Jen

    I loved Kick-Ass – I went in thinking it would be more of a comedy, but it was pretty intense.
    I think I’ll be buying the graphic novel very soon.

  16. keanani

    Of course Girls kick ass and rock!

    Hawaii teen whiz creates new math formulas~

    “…The smell of cinders and rain, perfumed almost everything…”

  17. Chris in MN

    Oh, man! Just gets funnier and funnier. I do love you, keanani. Wish I had realized it years ago… The Things that might have been different. Ah, well. Come see me if you can, xoxoxo

    “… turn around …”

  18. keanani

    @Chris in MN : Have they started cleaning up the beaches yet? Read that all of them have a garbage problem which cannot be good for the tourist trade.” We do have wonderful people who help with the cleanup.
    We also have a problem with that Texas sized garbage heap out in there Pacific Ocean though.

    Are you now relocated from NY to MN, Chris? 🙂

    Chris in MN said: “Blog post about Alaskan whale and orca troubles and Peter Watts.” Hmm, I guess we will await this mystical hypothesis…of course nothing to do with Stellar Piniped STDs I would imagine…

    @Hljóðlegur & 01: Yes, cute, lovable and cheeky, although don’t let Peter catch you gushing about that, don’t want to anger that Giant Squid getting all tentacaly on us just because we think that rascally cephalopod, that happens to be of the Octopi persuasion, is so kawai, adorable and goofy fun!

    Chris in MN said: Oh, man! Just gets funnier and funnier. I do love you, keanani. Wish I had realized it years ago… The Things that might have been different. Ah, well. Come see me if you can, xoxoxo.

    🙂 XO

  19. Chris in MN

    keanani said: Are you now relocated from NY to MN, Chris?

    Yes, indeed. Finally getting some writing done in a quieter place freer from distractions. 🙂

    Did you mean pinniped? (Had to look it up, either way).

  20. keanani

    Chris in MN said: “Did you mean pinniped? (Had to look it up, either way).” Ha, ha, as usual such a goof am I, lol.

    and: “getting some writing done in a quieter place freer from distractions.” 🙂 That is good, indeed. Have you seen and heard the “Loons”?

    You were away from here for a little while. I am glad to see you are back. 🙂

    My mind is a bit muddled at the present time. (As if that is even a surprise, depending on how my blog postings are interpreted). Quieter, freer places are those of which I usually long for.

    I am currently, suddenly in the storm of biological family emotional overload as my mother’s health is failing and she wants to go. Passage from this life is said to be within two days. She wants to talk about things, so I will. Others of this relation are sorry and want to be family again. Possibly.

    I may be off of here for a bit, or more, as I deal with my mother’s life and aftermath, and the others of my family. This week has been quite the waterworks fest. Such is the condition of being human.

  21. Chris in MN

    Don’t think so. What do loons look and sound like? Seen a few geese, lots of squirrels and a few rabbits.

    Sorry to hear that about your mother. Dealing with family’s baggage, religious beliefs, and expectations is a PITA that apparently we must all deal with, but also their eventual release. I hope for the happiest resolution you can have and whatever is best with the other relations.

  22. keanani

    @Chris in MN ~ Really? You have not seen nor heard any Minnesota loons? (The feathered kind, but of course 🙂 )

    It is the sounds they make that is most notable, and haunting, to my ears…

    Minnesota’s State Bird, the common loon~

    “Larger than a mallard but smaller than a goose, this water bird…”

    I actually have some old “music cd’s” of the sounds of nature that includes the loons. (Although, this past week has made me feel a bit of a loon with all that has transpired in the wake of the maternal passage. Therefore, there are indeed all sorts of loons out there if you really listen…)

    Most of all, thank you, Chris, for your kind words. I am grappling with the stuff that continues to pit my love of science with the spiritual things that are like threads in my life that don’t quite entwine into something cohesive.

    Suffice to say that it was real and unreal what was going on and what the interpretations of it were. (That is why sometimes I am still not sure that I am a good fit on this blog.) Of course my own ancestry and cultural upbringing does include things that are not religious per se but do vault firmly in the realm of supernatural, spiritual and otherly. The culture itself that of which I am immersed is a mix and conglomeration of various ethnicities that do have such beliefs that goes beyond any religion.

    I believe it was the morphine, the brain and the memories resurrected therefrom, others believe it was entirely something else.

    Such is life. Such is death. Such is the being of human.

  23. Chris in MN

    Sorry I missed this. New posts draw my attention away from the old ones.

    Don’t think I’ve heard the loons still, but twice I’ve heard what must be a mockingbird doing its impression of a cuckoo clock. Gets it close, I should think.

    In Brooklyn last summer, one was imitating a car alarm. Locals went berserk and mad trying to figure out whose car it was.

    Other strange hominid sounds I’ll have to save for a short story or something.