Off World

So of course, mere hours from climbing onto a transAtlantic flight to spend 14 hours in an airtight low-pressure environment at thirty thousand feet, three guesses as to what kind of bug decides to take up residence in my chassis. Right.  The sinus-clogging, throat-blocking kind.  The kind that can be kept at bay with decongestants […]

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Monstrous Affections.

The last story I read by David Nickle left me impotent for a week. That was a compliment. I have never actually read a bad story by David Nickle. I read an opaque story by him once: it was called “Pants Are For Company”, and it was (roughly) about personification of the abyss. I didn’t […]

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Not exactly SF, but pretty fucking Orwellian just the same.

I had dinner the other night with a friend of mine, a former investment banker and derivatives jock for the Toronto Dominion Bank. He grew sufficiently wealthy to retire years ago — while still in his thirties — and has since been managing hedge funds for widows and environmentalists to make up for his past life of […]

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Which is to say, like “Finks” with an extra S.

More news from Poland.   Evidently Ślepowidzenie has won the “Sfinks” award for “Best Foreign Novel”.   I had a shot at “Best Novel”, period, but Cormac McCarthy beat me out for it, perhaps to pay me back for the NAST Awards.  (I did, however, come a close second in that category by a mere 13 votes.) […]

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Cephalopod Salad

Quite a bit has happened since the last time I came up for air.  Blindsight debuted in Hebrew— very cool cover design from Aya Ben Ron, I might add— and I’ve just received my first reader feedback from that edition (“Not a bad book.  … thank you for a pleasant evening, although I didn’t get […]

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