Anticipating Worldcon

So.  Montreal.  Next week.  Worldcon.  That thing where you spend some of your time on panels; more of your time feeling guilty about all the other panels you should be attending if you could just get your ass off the barstool; and hardly any of your time sleeping (well, except in your panels).  I guess […]

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Chicagoans, Rise Up. You have Nothing to Lose But…

… well, I guess, a few hours of your life that you’ll never get back.  And the price of a bus ticket if you don’t live within walking distance of the Oak Park Public Library.  Oh, and parking if you drive.  And gas.  However much all that costs.  You have that to lose as well. […]

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Odds and Ends from Exotic Environs

You may remember a while back that Blindflug was on the final ballot for some prestigious German Award. Turns out I didn’t get it (I keep getting beat out by some guy named Charlie Stross, whoever he is) but Sara Riffel— the lady who translated Blindsight into Blindflug— did, for “Best Translation”. And let’s face […]

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Prisoners of Gravity

Rick Green said it best, during an episode of the eponymous and innovative Canadian spec-fic documentary series.  And on this 40th anniversary, this celebration of the voyage of an ancient diving bell — amidst all the back-patting and self-congratulations (especially the CBC’s desperate Me Too! efforts to convince this nation of low-self-esteem self-professed underachievers that […]

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Please Stand By for an Important If Ultimately Uninformative Announcement

Yes, I have been silent lately, even by my usual standards.  You saw me disappear into Germany, and did not see me sneak back out again (although I’ve been back home for some time now).  This time, I have a different excuse for the long silence:  I have been working furiously to discharge past  obligations […]

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