Which is to say, like “Finks” with an extra S.

sfinks_200More news from Poland.   Evidently Ślepowidzenie has won the “Sfinks” award for “Best Foreign Novel”.   I had a shot at “Best Novel”, period, but Cormac McCarthy beat me out for it, perhaps to pay me back for the NAST Awards.  (I did, however, come a close second in that category by a mere 13 votes.)

As usual, the lack of any cash award keeps me humble.  But if someone over there is willing to foot the postage, I’ll get this nifty little statuette of what appears to be a sarcophagus for a mosquito.  I’m hoping it’s heavy enough to use as a weapon.

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8 Responses to “Which is to say, like “Finks” with an extra S.”


    It sings when swung in battle! Lay it to the right, and also to the left, and mosquitoes are slain in a mighty host! Felled by the dozen by the sarcophagomagical weapon.

    Or something.

    Obviously, work is killing me today. haha.

  2. I hope you get the statue. It suggests an extraterrestrial diving suit as envisioned by Erich von Daniken.

  3. I’ll write to them. Maybe they’ll send you one.

    And, by the way, the second category, the one “The Road” won is actually “Best Book” – it includes everything: novels and collections, written by polish and foreign authors.

  4. Now I’m confused. According to the regulations, that I’ve found on the Sfinks site, the statue goes to… the polish publisher o_O So, the ‘sarcophagus for a mosquito” is being send to MAG.

    That’s weird.

    Maybe you should contact MAG, and they’ll send the statue to you?

  5. Well, this year’s Sfinks was pretty much screwed up. The award for best Polish short story went, against the regulations, to a story first published in 2000. And it turned out 6 of the 10 finalists are re-editions of previously published short stories.

  6. It looks like its made of wax to me. Though on closer scrutiny the pitting does appear to be something more like stone.

    Just remember with a catch and some surgical tubing anything more dense than a ping pong ball becomes weapon-ready.

  7. It looks like a man in a gas mask looking up.
    Stone? I’d say it’s a casting, metallic probably.

  8. Congrats Peter.
    Cool statue btw. Looks like Cthulhu with a shaving mishap…