The Turgid-Cat Tapes: English Transcript

I’ve just been informed that the original English exchange between myself and Marcin Zwierzchowski has been posted as a pdf over at Poltergeist; previously, only the Polish translation was online. You may find some nuggets there you haven’t seen before. Marcin didn’t quite manage to coax any confessions from me about my closet animal-snuff fetish, […]

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You Light Up My Life

I am become Norris, and discover that I did not die the first time. Some of me persisted in those burnt remains from the doghouse, hung on against fire and frost: crippled, mindless, reduced to a few jellied fragments embedded in carbon.  They took what they could find and broke cover.  Now I watch myself […]

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Anyone speak Polish? Reason I ask is,  Google Translate renders the following from a comment following this interview, in reference to the above picture:  “A cat really turgid … is called the Banana”. Turgid. It must be a poor translation.  I can’t believe anyone would deliberately be so cruel.

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Periscope Down

So, yeah, once again I’ve been remiss on the  ‘crawl postings.  And those I have managed tend to be heavy on the Lookit-me elements, while posts on nifty sciencey stuff have been pretty much absent.  (This pisses me off more than I can say; I haven’t checked my science feeds in fucking weeks, and even […]

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Missionary Position

I thought this world insane.  I thought it a war criminal.  I thought it a victim, a nightmare, a mystery, an obscenity. Only now do I begin to think this world could be impossible. I am being Palmer, and the things I’ve tasted make me question my own sanity.  These offshoots have not forgotten how […]

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