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Rise Up

Gonna see the month out with a bit of a grab-bag. Here’s an illo from the Chinese edition of Blindsight: a bit lurid chromatically, perhaps, but it’s the first cover art I’ve seen that presents broadly accurate renderings of both Theseus and Rorschach. There are other graphics I’d like to share with you at some […]

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Pimping Legion

Oh man, this kinda snuck up on me:  Crysis: Legion is officially out today.  Del Rey is doing a bit of online promo, including posting the first fifty pages on their “Fifty Page Fridays” site.  Of course, they won’t be posting them until Friday; in the meantime, though, I’ve written a series of four blog […]

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Pictures, Postscripts, Performance, Pimpage, & Pus…

…Being not the name of the most unfortunately-named law firm in history, but rather a collection of reasons explaining my disappearance from the crawl this past month while we entered the second decade of the twenty-first century (still without personal jet-packs, I note with ongoing disgust). When last we left the ‘crawl I was en […]

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Cats. Bags. Nanosuits.

So, uh, yeah.  I see they announced it this morning, so I guess the embargo’s lifted.  I’ve written the official adaptation of Crytek‘s Crysis 2, which was scripted by Richard Morgan.  The novelization is coming out next March from Del Rey. The bio notes accompanying that announcement are a bit, well, milder than I would […]

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Spankings and Perspicacity

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. It’s all over the gaming threads now that The Lead Writer for Crysis 2 Has Been Convicted Of Assault. Last night some online journo asked for my reaction: this morning someone else wrote to ask how my imminent incarceration was going to affect the timeline for C2. I’m telling everyone […]

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Infinite Regression.

…or maybe just Regression. Either way, this is getting weird. The Port Huron Times-Herald is not just running stories about my case; it has begun running stories on my blog postings about my case. I can hardly wait to see whether they run a piece on this blog posting on their coverage of my last […]

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Please Stand By for an Important If Ultimately Uninformative Announcement

Yes, I have been silent lately, even by my usual standards.  You saw me disappear into Germany, and did not see me sneak back out again (although I’ve been back home for some time now).  This time, I have a different excuse for the long silence:  I have been working furiously to discharge past  obligations […]

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