Award, Artefact, Apparition

Two things on the agenda today, the first being a brief announcement: apparently Crysis: Legion has made the finals for some kind of award called the Scribe. It’s handed out by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers, in categories that include original works and adaptations, general fiction and speculative. Legion‘s been nominated under the […]

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Dragon Watch.

I don’t care if a million shots just like this are already infesting the internet. I post these anyway because this is awesome.                            

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The Least Unlucky Bastard.

That was my choice of title when The Daily (“a first-of-its-kind daily national news publication built exclusively as an application for tablets and other emerging digital platforms”—who knew?) asked me to dig up FleshFest ’11 for another kick at the can — the difference being that I’d get paid for it this time around. Aimee […]

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The Black Knight. In Memoriam.

Two months ago my brother Jon — my senior by eight years — suffered a stroke which bled into his cerebellum. The time since has been, as his wife Tracy described it, a roller coaster: neurosurgeons reluctant to operate while Jon was on heart meds, cardiologists unwilling to take him off those meds for fear […]

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Haven’t posted recently. Too many reasons to list here, but one of them involves an April-30 story deadline that I beat by a measly two hours. I would have beat it by more than that, but after writing half a story I realized it was crap and started out with an entirely new plot exploring […]

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