Sunday on Thursday

Two new sketches for you, and one of the fringe benefits of hanging around with professional artists: the brain of Crytek‘s Dan Ghiordanescu parsed the thousands of lines of scribbled alphanumeric code comprising “The Island”, then turned them into the images you see below. (It always blows me away how brains can do things like […]

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You Just Can’t Win

My bank — which I chose because of its small size, online nature, and slightly-less-unethical-than-most investment policies — is “shifting its business strategy”. Which is to say, being swallowed alive by another bank. Which institution? Funny you should ask. These guys. I’ve been here before. A few years back I embarked upon a quest to […]

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The Final Lap

Last of my panels: Fermi/Drake, which, despite its Disneyfied title— and despite being held at 11am on the last bloody day of the con— was so jam-packed we had to move to a larger room halfway through the session.  It was the panel on which I talked the least, and learned the most.  I’m trying […]

“You Can Never Be Cynical Enough”

…being one of my favorite quotes of the con so far, courtesy of Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman during an 80-minute Q&A on how science fiction led him into economics.  The night before, a couple thousand of us got to be flies on the wall for another hour-and-a-half free-form conversation between Krugman and Charlie Stross. You […]

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Way to break out of the ghetto there, folks…

People of Colour Meet & Greet.  Do you identify as a person of colour (racial minority, nonwhite, not of European ancestry, mixed race, etc.)? Come meet other fans of colour on Friday at 11:00 by the Programme area near Registration; we’ll leave at 11:15 and go someplace to eat, talk, and just hang out. All […]

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Lift Off

Okay.  Valve and Tull t-shirts packed, technical pdf’s lined up for reading en route, computers synched.  Next time you hear from me, it’ll either be from Worldcon or after (depending on whether I can find some spare bandwidth— am I the only person who finds it outrageous that every cheap-ass Motel 6 on the planet […]

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Worldcon Reading Poll

Quick informal survey here.  I’m a bit undecided about what to choose for my Worldcon reading, and since I’ve only got twenty minutes in the spotlight I don’t want to spend a chunk of it polling those attended (especially since the majority of them probably aren’t there for me anyway).  So I thought I might […]

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Torchica Syndrome

I recently watched the new season of Torchwood:  “Children of Earth”, a five-hour single-thread miniseries, as opposed to the more numerous standalone eps of previous years.  I’ve never been a huge Torchwood fan.  Creator Russ Davies notoriously refered to it as “Doctor Who for grown-ups”, but it wasn’t, not really; it was just Doctor Who […]

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