Sunday on Thursday

Two new sketches for you, and one of the fringe benefits of hanging around with professional artists: the brain of Crytek‘s Dan Ghiordanescu parsed the thousands of lines of scribbled alphanumeric code comprising “The Island”, then turned them into the images you see below. (It always blows me away how brains can do things like that.)  The color sketch shows the asteroid-ship Eriophora during its approach to the red dwarf DHF428; the portrait is of Sunday Ahzmundin, the grumpy single mom in charge of that particular build.  While the Eri shot is obviously more lavish and beautiful to behold, the portrait delivers more surprises for me:  having spent all my time with Sunday inside her head, I never gave much thought to how she might look from the outside. I definitely like the tousled shaggy look, though.  And the cigarette’s an especially nice touch. (Although she must have really been hording those ciggies, given the timeline of the mission.  Either that or Eriophora has a tobacco farm somewhere down on the hydroponics level. Which, come to think of it, might make an interesting story in itself…)

Eriophora exterior

Both works have been added to the Gallery for posterity.

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  1. I hunger for more of “The Island.”

  2. I guess it’s too early to ask what the Peter Watts-Crytek collaboration is going to produce. 🙂

  3. God damn! I said, God damn!

    That’s gorgeous. They both are. You are one lucky sumbitch.

  4. I somehow missed (or forgot about) the fact that this story existed! Problem fixed – just bought “The New Space Opera 2”.
    And the art looks awesome.

  5. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.
    Loved “The Island.” Great story.

  6. Interesting color sketch – moody and anatomical, as if Georgia O’Keefe lived in outer space. I like how it suggests things.

    What’s the other light source, I wonder? From our angle, the distant red dwarf would leave most of what we see as lit foreground in darkness – remember, no air means less light scatter. It’s as if someone was standing just out of sight near the top with a badass spotlight.

  7. wtf How did this story get published and I miss it. Off to purchase “The New Space Opera 2″

  8. I don’t think that is a cigarette !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. That’s it: I’ve ordered The New Space Opera 2 🙂

  10. i think
    is the artist’s official website. impressive stuff. like Madeline said, lucky sumbitch!

  11. i think is the artist’s official website.

    Dan *does* have some Georgia O’Keefe in him – I see another panoramic vista, this time up a city’s groin not a starship’s, but still inviting us in. In the top panel, in the background of the beautiful view-down-the-Donau, a little erection, complete with testicles, pretending it’s a medieval tower.


    Or could it be that I see sex everywhere? I’d still like the top panel, I think, even sans the surreptitious penis tower.

  12. ahhahaaa… somebody was able to put in the beginning html tag for italics, but never managed to get the end tag in there. 😉

    Sorry folks. Imagine the above with only Mats’ quote italicized.

  13. Hello Mr. Watts! I was just thinking about “Blindsight” and about what great fun it was to read and I realized that we haven’t heard anything about “State of Grace” lately. Is the project doing well? Might we see the book published in 2009/2010? Sorry for asking such questions, but it’s a book I’m really looking forward to.

  14. Hello, I am crawling from some time on Peter blog now I have the oprtunity to write something that i , somehow , now a thing or two about.I am really happy that you liked my early renders inspired by his great “the Island”.

    Hljóðlegur you are entierly right about the lightning condition in the scene.
    In an earlyer version the sun was much bigger but as Peter pointed out,
    it was too big and implyed that the Eriophora ship is already inside the sphere so for sicence reasons i made it smaller. I take the blame for completly forgetting about the proportions of a Dyson sphere. It is true also that in space because the absence of atmosphere the shadows , as an exemple, have the tendency to have “sharp edged shadows” then soft ones (i have a lot of soft shadows in my paining). This is the very blurry point where art tryies to match science and to be entertaining for everyone (by everyone i mean also the people who are not into science, wich is a bad thing, but can be turned in by lureing them with some eye candy visuals) . Usually I think the results are very bad as we see in the huge majority of the movies, for exemple, when the science is thrown away over the window and we, the guys who provide the ,..oh my …, “art” are pushed to deliver paintings on the “eye candyness” cryteria. On the other hand, from an art point of view, as an artist you always have to exaggerate some stuff on your work to emphasize certain qualities.This is the reason why a portrait of a master like Rembrandt will look a thousend times better then a photo of the same subject. The dirty trick is trying to balance all those things and your feedback helps a lot .My high goal is to try to match as much as I can the quality of Peter writings some visuals…. a very difficult job to do i must confess…

  15. P.S: My english is trash, please excuse…

  16. Dan G –

    Cool, the artist! *waves*

    It’s a luscious painting! It’s appropriate to the story, too, to have echoes of a body in the way the starship is depicted, given all the bodily imagery about the birth of monsters and egg-like things pierced,. Did you plan it that way, or had you read the story and kind of let your subconscious reaction lead how you painted it?

    I very much liked another one on your website, a realistic point of view from the fork or bend in a river, a town with some gray stone towers, good use of lighting effects – is the place Czech? French? It’s taken from some real-life place in Europe, isn’t it?

  17. hello Dan!
    okay, this is the fifth time i’m here to stare at that space picture. and i can’t tell if it’s just photoshop, no photoshop at all, just touch ups in photoshop… and since you might pop back in here and answer Hljóðlegur’s questions, i want to know how you made that image!

    and apologies to Mr Watts for hijacking the thread here!

  18. (apologies to Mr Watts, naturally)

    HAHAHAHAHHAAAAAA! Okay, everyone remain calm! Mats and I are hijacking this thing to, er, uh … the beach!

    And our list of demands are: one million in unmarked quarters, big beach umbrellas, and ice cold beers for the thirsty masses!

    Viva la Revolution!

    So long as we are hijacking, who among us has read The Island, and were there any literary thoughts anyone had about it? I didn’t want to start in and “***SPOILERS***” everything up, since it is newly released.

  19. my demands aren’t all that grand, i just want to find a website that allows Behemoth to ship to fricken Sweden. – because amazon refuse, the bastards…

    and i will gladly pay for a copy of Behemoth in some of my newly aquired unmarked quarters!

  20. Amazon is Unholy, my friend. Did you try ABEbooks?

    Have you tried a local smaller bookseller near you; they might order? When I worked in a bookstore (when dinosaurs roamed the Earth), we would write directly to a publisher for a client, and he could pick up in the store. Unless that is too 20th century.

  21. well, the bookclerks here go, “hmm, Peter Watts you say? never heard of him. let me check…” and they slide over to their computers and bring up -wait for it- after much searching “there’s two books here with that funny B, which one is it?” and facepalming from my side of the counter i usually just give up.

    but i will try ABEbooks! thanks for the suggestion! and if that doesn’t work i’ll get a flight to Canada and buy the book there. it’s okay, it’ll still be cheaper than amazon.

  22. I thoroughly enjoyed “The Island,” now I just wish you would write more stories in that universe there’s a lot going on there.

  23. (for anyone interested in the the book chase, ß-max is in my hand right now, thanks to Hljóðlegur and ABEbooks.)

  24. James said:

    I guess it’s too early to ask what the Peter Watts-Crytek collaboration is going to produce. 🙂

    It is. It’s even too early to tell if the Peter Watts-Crytek collaboration is going to produce anything. But I will say that a little bit of what it might produce has already gone online…

    Ciprian said:

    … I realized that we haven’t heard anything about “State of Grace” lately. Is the project doing well? Might we see the book published in 2009/2010? Sorry for asking such questions, but it’s a book I’m really looking forward to.

    I’ve been told of poisonous and duplicitous politics at Tor that may have killed it there; I’m still waiting to hear from my agent about other possibilities, and am keeping details to myself for the time being. One way or another, though, I expect we’ll know before long

    Dan G said:

    P.S: My english is trash, please excuse…

    The man says his English is trash, and then goes on to read Blindsight in the original English. Five times. I know unilingual Anglophones who couldn’t even get through it once.

    Seruko said:

    I thoroughly enjoyed “The Island,” now I just wish you would write more stories in that universe there’s a lot going on there.

    Actually, you may get your wish. “The Island” is one of a series of interconnected stories following a grand narrative arc extending literally to the end of time. I expect to write others in the series over time, and then do a fix-up/splice job to turn it all into a full-fledged Big Novel at some point. (And hopefully more than that, if my fondest dreams come to pass.)

    Of course, first I have to find a publisher.

  25. Re: The Peter Watts-Crytek collaboration:

    I’ve clearly seen Peter’s hand in a few bits and pieces. In particular, the somatic AI control granted in the event of traumatic brain injury, cribbed straight out of Blindsight. I laughed hard and grinned when I saw that in their “Marketing Package” for the nanotech suit V2.

    Good stuff.

    God, that’d be a cool way to have a Game Over; control wrested from you, and you watch helplessly as your AI takes over your lifeless shell to finish your mission.