Locomotive Breathless

Things are happening in France. I have been told that SNCF, that country’s national train service, wants to webcast an excerpt of Vision Aveugle from the culture wing of their (vast) web site.  They do this on a regular basis, evidently:  conscript some French actor or writer type to read a twenty-minute book excerpt.  I […]

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Small Anatomy, Big Disappointment

Immediately afterwards,  Karl Schroeder rolled over and went right to sleep. Quite honestly, I was expecting more.

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Don’t Mention the War.

I mentioned the past couple of weeks have been kinda crappy, right?   Got sick.  Discovered I had to redo a bunch of duck stats, because I dumbly omitted a chunk of data from the analysis.  Some Korean publisher is interested in Blindsight, but the advance they’re offering seems to get cut almost in half by […]

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Quantum Economics

The past couple of weeks have not been pleasant ones.  I have been doing statistics (on the biogeography of waterfowl), and I have been reading about statistics (on the global economic meltdown).  I have been delving broadly, if not deeply:  postmortems in The Atlantic and Wired; an articulate if foamy rant in Rolling Stone; and […]