Small Anatomy, Big Disappointment

Immediately afterwards,  Karl Schroeder rolled over and went right to sleep.

Quite honestly, I was expecting more.

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8 Responses to “Small Anatomy, Big Disappointment”

  1. That’s what you get for getting him drunk first.

  2. Hmm…were you discussing the “Higgs Boson” or, (whispered in a breathy female voice) “God’s Particle”? That might make someone snooze off.

    What may have helped in inducing wakefulness could have included pondering whether “Yoda” is becoming some sort of prophet:

    “Eight police officers serving with Scotland’s largest force listed their official religion as Jedi…”

    “Force is strong for Jedi police”

  3. It’s okay. The next night, we stayed up ’til two talking about enormous rockets thrusting upward with the force of a thousand fission bombs, parting the folds of the atmosphere and punching through the gravity well to conquer the deepest, darkest parts unknown…

    …and arcade games. Let’s not forget the arcade games.

  4. Simulated brain closer to thought

    By Jason Palmer
    Science and technology reporter, BBC News, Prague

    This result completes the first phase of the brain simulation project
    A detailed simulation of a small region of a brain built molecule by molecule has been constructed and has recreated experimental results from real brains.

    This has been mentioned on this crawl I think.

  5. Peter,

    I tried to find your book in Warsaw but I had no luck. They had R.J. Sawyer, so I know that they are not boycotting Canadians.

    I have been here one week and I have become fluent in Polish. Well, I can ask for beer in Polish (prosit piwo, or something like that). That is the only level of fluency that I need.

  6. Raymond is right. That man really can’t hold his liquor.

  7. I’m so gonna need a clarification on that.

    (But hey, two of my favorite Sf authors inthe same post, so who am I to complain)

  8. It sounds like you’ve succumbed to the wiles of the dreaded Schroeder zombie-clone. You can expect to lose all sentience within the next few days. I suppose you should probably figure out your last words now so they can be as eloquent as possible.