Pole Star

Well, the polling for the NAST Award has closed and it’s official: Blindsight (or Ślepowidzenie, as it’s known in translation) was voted the best foreign sf/fantasy/horror book to appear in Poland last year.  It even won by a fairly solid margin; the runner-up only got two-thirds the votes that Blindsight did.  And while beating the […]

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Ad Astra Schedule

For the first time in a few years, I’ll be attending Ad Astra this weekend (March 27-29) — which is being held, as usual, way out in the boons to anyone without their own wheels.  Should you be interested in a) attending, and b) learning whether I have anything new to say that I haven’t […]

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Emotionally Satisfying. Intellectually Empty.

Spoiler Alert: The following concerns last night’s BSG finale, which tore away the skiffy veil of the preceding four years to reveal the bastion of fundamentalist religion festering beneath.  Cast thy gaze aside if you are a spirgin and haven’t yet seen the episode.  This post will still be here when you come back. I […]

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The Genre That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Mind Meld is at it again.  This time they asked a bunch of us about taboos in sf, and the responses run the gamut. Steve Aylett laments the conservatism of the genre.  Glenda Larke seems to contradict herself.   Kristine Rusch and Mark Budz channel Pollyanna.  Margo Lanagan has obviously walked the walk.  Anna Tambour […]

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Finally, someone in the mainstream media who gets marine biology.

Experts Agree Giant, Bioengineered Crabs Pose No Threat

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Will No One Rid Us of This Troublesome Priest?

I think I might want to be an American. I don’t say this easily. The acid shit-soup aftertaste of the Cheney administration still burbles at the backs of our throats; deregulated dominoes continue to topple the world over; Rush Limbaugh is yet taken seriously by an alarmingly large army of devotees. And yet, I can’t […]

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I Can Dream, Can’t I?

My Book, the Movie has posted my wish-list for the main cast of a Rifters movie; it’s also running over at Campaign for the American Reader, which sounds a lot less self-aggrandizing.  Thanks to all those who responded to my pleas for suggestions, especially those who turned me on to Ellen Page. Now, to the […]

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Where’s Harry Tuttle When You Need Him?

I know this is a long shot, but maybe someone out there can help me.  My problem is this:  everyone I can reach at Revenue Canada tells me that I can only get my Residency Certificate through a specific office in London, Ontario.  And every last one of them refuses to give me the contact […]

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Bedtime Stories

More about me, I’m afraid.  Given the current prospects for this gig I can’t really get motivated to invest the necessary time and effort for a proper science posting— but when other folks talk about me, I can talk about them in turn with minimal effort. Today the guy that’s talking about me writes something […]

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Flotsam in the Ego Surf

Oh, right.  As this online announcement reminds me,  I’ll be in London, Ontario Thursday of next week to do a reading at Fanshawe College (which is doubtless a great place to hang out even if its name is a bit more reminiscent of my ex-mother’s than I would like).  If you’re in the neighborhood, drop […]

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