None of you probably remember that time a couple of years when I mentioned in passing that I was available to do a Q&A on reddit. That was a thing you had to do following the initial overtures: announce on your blog that you really were the guy they thought you were, I’m guessing as a safeguard against imposters who might spew antisemitic propaganda across the boards while pretending to be Neil Gaiman.

Anyhow, nothing ever came of that. But it’s happening again, and I even have an actual date this time: at 7pm EDT, August 26th, I’ll be doing an AMA on reddit. Which means you can Ask Me Anything. (Note that I don’t necessarily have to answer anything, in case some of you were thinking about quizzing me on the whole necrophilia thing.) And this post, once again, should serve as validation of ID to the reddit admins.  Here I am.  It’s me.

You will know me on reddit by the pink corsage in my lapel, and by my user name: “The-Squidnapper”.  Which I had to resort to because “Squidnapper” was already taken (although there does not appear to be an email associated with that name).

So thanks a lot, whoever that was.

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9 Responses to “Reddentials”

  1. What necrophilia thing?

  2. Exciting stuff. Here’s hoping the hivemind behaves.

  3. Pro tip: Post lots of pictures of your cats. Redditors fucking LOVE cats.

  4. Looking forward to it. 🙂

    Also, yes, post pictures of you and your cats.

  5. Alexey:
    What necrophilia thing?

    Probably nothing.

    I thought he was just into something boring and mainstream, like BDSM. Occasional mentions of some such gatherings, knots, etc.

  6. Any reason why you posted this so very far in advance?

  7. Seruko (Free Candy Inside Van):
    Any reason why you posted this so very far in advance?

    Yeah. Apparently it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t. This isn’t a piece of personal pimpage so much as a validation of credentials for the benefit of the reddit admins, who wouldn’t allow the whole thing to proceed without some kind of official statement from me.

    Don’t worry. I’ll get all self-aggrandizy and tub-thumpy closer to the actual date.

  8. Yeah saw the post on reddit announcing the upcoming AMA. I admit my first thought was “Cool, but I can already ask him stuff on his blog!” You need to be more distant on a day to day basis to make this a treat 😉

    That said I guess we’ll be around to provide upboats and throw you softball questions and beat up trolls.

    After all we chased off Brin, we’re your crew. :^P

  9. @ Nestor

    Brin isn’t chased off.

    He’s lying in wait, carefully looking for an opportunity to strike back 😉

    Kidding. Mostly.