Anyone speak Polish?


Reason I ask is,  Google Translate renders the following from a comment following this interview, in reference to the above picture:  “A cat really turgid … is called the Banana”.


It must be a poor translation.  I can’t believe anyone would deliberately be so cruel.

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13 Responses to “Turgidtude.”

  1. Hljóðlegur

    Iz foto of 2 left mousers

  2. Mrs. Mole

    Sow-proliferating clones in general, it is bezpłciowo, with very little genetic variability. Przez jakiś czas sądziłem, że mogłyby być przyzwoitą metaforą dla wężydeł, których nasiona rozprzestrzeniają się w kosmosie i przypadkowo zapuszczają korzenie na naszych podwórkach. For some time, thought that might be a decent metaphor for wężydeł whose seeds are spread in space and accidentally zapuszczają roots in our backyards. Niemożliwe do zabicia, aseksualne chwasty. Impossible to kill, asexual weeds.

    Truer words were never spoken. I have had a sow-proliferating clone problem in my garden for years. Every year I dig them out with a tiller, and every year they drop back in from space, like clockwork. What’s a small animal to do?

  3. socha23

    To dopiero pierwsza część;D Będzie więcej…
    A kot rzeczywiście bombastyczny… nazywa się Banana xD


    It’s only the first part of the interview… more is coming ;D
    And the cat is really cool… his name is Banana xD

  4. Waldheri

    What’s that shirt you’re wearing, Peter?

  5. Madeline

    Banana looks a tiny bit like a brain slug, right there. I think it’s the satisfied smirk.

  6. Raymond

    Adequate Cat is adequate.

  7. Hljóðlegur

    Banana looks a tiny bit like a brain slug, right there.

    Nahahahaha. Shouldn’t he be attached to Peter’s forehead, though?

    (I’m a member of the Brainslug Party myself, and I vote for people taking extended vacations on the Brainslug homeworld, preferably without hats. But, that’s me, right?)

    Ever seen a sea slug, M? Those rock! So beautiful and graceful in the water! Plus they squirt purple ink! I so want purple ink to squirt, you have no idea.

  8. Madeline

    I have not seen said sea slugs. I’ll have to take your word for it.

    All future Banana posts require a Banana tag. Such will aid late night lolcattery.

  9. Seth

    I made that picture into an lolcat. Approximately 20 people on planet earth will view it.


  10. malakh

    It is a very poor translation.
    Socha23 already translated it;]

  11. Peter Watts

    Waldheri asked:

    What’s that shirt you’re wearing, Peter?

    It’s this one, from the side:


    Jethro Tull. Cover art from “Rock Island”. Not their best album, but I like the wintry North-Atlantic vibe.

  12. Hljóðlegur

    Those gray and silver accoutrement which appear to be headphones are some sort of life support equipment, I bet. To, hm, maybe either make the room more breathable by dispensing joy molecules, or as a filter for the irritating EM fields generated by other human beings.

  13. Orm Embar

    It may be quite literally translated as in english dictionary I found such meaning for tugrid:

    2: excessively embellished in style or language : bombastic, pompous

    and exactly same meaning bombastyczny has in polish language as I found in dictionary. Tthat surised me becuase it was commonly used ins such way as malakh used it, with should be translated as cool. But well you are newer to old to learn something about yours native language.
    Anyway bombastyczny is quite archaic form it way that if teenager would use it he will be laughed at by others teenagers.

    By the way I must say that that you wrote a really great books, both Blinsight as well as Rifters. I think that they fullfil definition of true sf made by Stanisław Lem: a story that can only be told in sf setting. Also after reading interview i see that you, like Lem, see role of sf in answering “what if” question.
    During reading of Blindsingt I could not escape from thoungts about Lems books “Solaris”, “Fiasco”, “Masters Woice”. I saw in debate you metioned in Pole Star that Jacek Dukaj (best polish sf writer of this time in my no so humble opinion) have similiar feelings.
    I do not know if you are familiar with Lem’s writing, and his statusin Polnd, but that means that yours books are among the best .