Unclouded by Conscience, Remorse, or Delusions of Morality.

At least, that’s how Paul McEnery describes the “viscera of human relationships” presented throughout my novels in his intro to my interview in the latest issue of h+.  The man treats me well:  the interview itself is chopped way down from our original Q&A (which makes some of my answers seem a bit, well, jittery), […]

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Sightings in the Wild

A couple of links to keep the pilot light going:  SF Signal has posted another installment of their Mind Meld series, this time asking various skiffy writers about their literary influences (and about who they influence in turn).  I’m in there, nestled amongst a dozen others.  I’m also evidently featured in an upcoming piece on […]

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A Romance to make Seth Brundle Weep

Haven’t been posting the past few days.  I really should have written something to commemorate Darwin’s 200th birthday, but how can you celebrate when the latest Gallup poll shows that over 60% of the US population is too blinkered, too misled, or too downright stupid to grasp the reality of natural selection? And I would […]

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Ass-Covering Imitates Life

Way back when I was writing Maelstrom, a micobiologist ex-prof of mine asked about this βehemoth microbe I was inventing: how, he wondered, could it subvert the signal molecules on the cytoplasmic side of the vesicle so that the vesicles wouldn’t fuse with the lysosomes? This was not an issue I had previously considered.  In […]

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Toeing Jehovah

Just spent a few minutes talking to a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses who knocked upon my door. I really don’t understand these folks’ reputation as The Things That Wouldn’t Leave.  I was perfectly willing to keep discussing their faith with them, but they wanted to depart after only a few minutes.  I’ve encountered Jehovah’s Witnesses […]

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In Praise of Baby-Eating

Overcoming Bias is an erudite blog out out Oxford which focuses on the general theme of self-deception.  It plays around with everything from God to zombies, from neuroeconomics to applied statistics.  It is sometimes dry, but always substantive — and now, for a limited time only, it is also fucking hilarious. Blogger Eliezer Yudkowsky is […]

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