Coming in Perhaps a Bit Behind the Penguin Craze Curve…

The penguin chick bursts from the shellHis fetal bed has served him wellBut now, the newborn child will restWithin his windswept, treetop nest. Oh penguin child, oh fledgling fairStay snuggled in your jungle lairAnd when your mother comes to restYou’ll suckle at her feathered breast. Heed not the snarl, fear not the roarThe beasties on […]

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In Praise of MPD

This month’s New Scientist carries an opinion piece by Rita Carter, author of the imminent Multiplicity: The New Science of Personality. She’s not the first to argue that multiple personalities may be adaptive (the whole backbone of the eighties’ MPD fad was that they served to protect the primary persona from the stress of extreme […]

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