Dateline: Lincoln, Nebraska

Two items: US Customs officials continue to ably occupy the niche of gate-keeping trolls with tiny dicks and/or withered vaginas, who seem to think that people might actually want to stay in their miserable dick-ass country a day longer than absolutely necessary. Nature has accepted another story of mine for their ongoing “Futures” series. This […]

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Gone to Ground

Packing now, to spend a month at a field research station in the so-called “Tornado Alley” of Nebraska — which is a nice coincidence, as those at last Thursday’s reading will attest to the presence of a strong tornadoey element in the opening of the new novel. But I’m mainly just heading out to do […]

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For Those Who Could Not Be With Us Last Night…

First, I am pleased and proud to announce that the Toronto Public Library does not overtly censor its public-access Internet terminals. True, if you enter “doggie snuff porn” or “bukkake” into the library’s default search engine you get only a single hit — which, when clicked on, boots you into an endless log-in loop that […]

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Audio Art

Blindsight is coming out as an audiobook from Recorded Books; check out the cover art by Leonard Likas (© Recorded Books, LLC): Notice anything unusual for a Watts-type book? Notice anything unusual for a story set a half light-year from the nearest star, set in the dark and shadowy borderlands of interstellar space? Notice the […]

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One Down, One to Go

The Toronto Public Library’s Big Honking Series On Speculative Fiction kicked off last night, as promised, with a panel discussion between Jim Gardiner, Karl Schroeder, and myself, with Mike Skeet proving more than up to the task as moderator. It was pretty well-attended, if I do say so myself. And it was fun. We kicked […]

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I Couldn’t have Said it Better Myself

So I won’t try.

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Trudeau Was Wrong

The universe is not unfolding as it should. It is merely unfolding as it always has. It was a nice dream while it lasted: a grass-roots campaign, launched and promoted by the scientific community, supported by Nobel Laureates, endorsed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, pimped on science blogs far and wide: […]

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Living in the Past.

Most of you here have read Blindsight. Some of you have made it almost to the end. A few have even got as far as the references (I know this, because some of you have asked me questions about them). And so you might remember that old study Libet did back in the nineties, in […]

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Music is a drug

At least, the endorphin receptors in my head are still buzzing madly almost an hour after the encore ended. I kind of lost touch with Oysterband back in the early nineties, when they decided no one was listening to their lyrics anyway so they might as well just have fun and do covers of I […]

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Dying with Dignity

Anna Davour, a Post-doc out of Queen’s, has been hitting up various sf authors for informal bloggable interviews. This week was my moment in the sun. I say some nice things about the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and repeat my usual grumbling about Firefly. And if you’re not satisfied with mere wordage— if any of you […]

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