Performance Art

The good folks at Starship Sofa have posted a podcast of my longish-story “The Second Coming of Jasmine Fitzgerald”, read by, er, me. You can listen to it over here if you’re curious about the sound of my voice, if you want to check out the shots I take at the “Mundane SF” movement in […]

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Bull Balls

Okay, another Crawl Cockup Call. I imagine a lot of you subscribe to the RSS feed to this thing. Has said RSS feed, over the past day or so, been feeding you pictures of bull testicles with the slogan “I am a dirty bandwidth thief” in place of real graphics? I apologize if so. Some […]

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Cancer, For the Greater Good

One of my favorite monster movies of all time has got to be John Carpenter’s 1982 remake of “The Thing”. It’s not a perfect film by any means – there are some gaffes with the rubber fx, and if eighties-era PCs ever came preloaded with software to test whether your buddies had been taken over […]