Hey, anybody out there use Internet Explorer to read this ‘crawl? If so, are you finding the entries peppered with hacked up fragments of javascript that are supposed to be invisible? Stuff like < !--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> just thrust all ugly-like between paragraphs? I don’t suppose someone could have just, you know told me that my […]

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"God is Gonna Kick Your Ass You Infidelic Pagan Scum"

A few parting links, in keeping with the Christmas Spirit: The Amazing Virgin Pregnancy, courtesy of Overcoming Bias The Gospel According to St. Nicholas, the latest and most edifying of the gnostic gospels, courtesy of Cliff Burns; and lastly, by way of some obscure corner of IcanHasCheeseburger that for some mysterious reason hasn’t yet made […]

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Benthic Baptisms

So it begins (actually continues, but let’s not let accuracy get in the way of a good cliché): the race to exploit the deep sea. A couple of choice quotes: “deep sea mining … has the potential to explode … The hotspots are ocean floor geysers known as hydrothermal vents … “…we know almost nothing […]

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The God-Shaped Hole

Previously, on No Moods, Ads, or Cutesy Fucking Icons… Many religious people are idiots. My Dad’s religious, but he’s no idiot. There are some other smart religious people out there too. Maybe they’re right and I’m wrong. But they can’t be, because I’m a scientist and they’re not! But real scientists have to allow for […]

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My Father, His Son, and the Holy Ghost

It should be no secret that I am one of that ever-growing flock of empiricists who’ve been touched by His Noodly Appendage*. And while I generally have little patience for religious beliefs of any stripe — I just can’t see any explanatory utility in them at all — my feelings about religious believers are somewhat […]

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AfterImages of I Am Legend

Praiseworthy Things: Opens with the Best Bitter Irony Jump Cut evar. Will Smith’s spot-on performance as a repressed, guilt-ridden failed-saviour-in-denial ratcheting inexorably towards catastrophic meltdown. Nature Takes Back Manhattan (and glad to see some decent soul opened the cages at the Brooklyn Zoo before devolving). Sam the Dog. Eh-worthy Things: You’d think a military epidemiologist […]

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The Gospel According to St. Peter

Oooh, lookey here: Extrapolation doesn’t embargo. So, for any who actually want to read even more of my opinions, a pdf of Szeman and Whiteman’s whole damn interview is available here, at Imre Szeman’s web page out of McMaster University. It’s a rifters-heavy piece, but it also goes into my childhood plagiarism, the inadvisability of […]

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A Plea to the Locals

Hey. Ontarions. Help. Can anybody recommend a decent landline phone carrier that isn’t Rogers or Bell or Telus, and that hasn’t been engulfed by any of those guys? For the next few months at least, it ain’t economical for me to go purely cell — but all the Big Three landline vendors seem to suck […]

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A Lack of Focus

Been a while since I posted, I know. Not for lack of material. I’ve been meaning to post a few more I, Robot-type findings — more hardwired-aesthetics, this time centering around the “Golden Ratio”; more unsurprising evidence of a developmental basis for pedophilia, along with the (even-less surprising) preemptive disclaimers by the researchers that oh […]

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