Yeah, I know. Bad time for the ‘crawl to go into therapeutic coma, what with all the nifty neuroethical and neurocognitive and neurodeep-sea-mineral-exploitation stuff piling up on the feeds. I’ve jammed out on this month’s Gibraltar Point workshop as well, if it’s any consolation. On the plus side, though: 80,000 words down on State of Grace […]

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All About Me.

Here are a few bits and pieces that have been piling up in the background while I raged impotently against imaginary friends who let me down. Dr. Mark McCutcheon, of Athabasca University, is presenting a paper called “The copyfight, science fiction, and social media” at Congress 2010, a Canadian humanities and social science conference. I […]

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Undemocratic Journalism

I’ve noticed something, in all the recent coverage of my travails. It’s pretty much happened without me. I mean, sure, it’s about me. (Proximately, at least — I’d argue it’s ultimately about something much greater than a minor dust-up between an ageing author and some border-crawling nitwit who apparently lists We Hate Islam and Glenn […]

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In Which I Passionately Lament the Absence of Bestiality in First Person Shooters.

Brief follow-up to my last, strangely-popular post.  Someone going by the name of W. Flynn has started a list on Amazon.com: “Authors Who Have Maced a Restaurant“. And while I am honored to be in such esteemed company, I can’t help noticing that the list itself is awfully small. I wonder if I could prevail […]

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The Turgid-Cat Tapes: English Transcript

I’ve just been informed that the original English exchange between myself and Marcin Zwierzchowski has been posted as a pdf over at Poltergeist; previously, only the Polish translation was online. You may find some nuggets there you haven’t seen before. Marcin didn’t quite manage to coax any confessions from me about my closet animal-snuff fetish, […]

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Anyone speak Polish? Reason I ask is,  Google Translate renders the following from a comment following this interview, in reference to the above picture:  “A cat really turgid … is called the Banana”. Turgid. It must be a poor translation.  I can’t believe anyone would deliberately be so cruel.

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Unclouded by Conscience, Remorse, or Delusions of Morality.

At least, that’s how Paul McEnery describes the “viscera of human relationships” presented throughout my novels in his intro to my interview in the latest issue of h+.  The man treats me well:  the interview itself is chopped way down from our original Q&A (which makes some of my answers seem a bit, well, jittery), […]

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Sightings in the Wild

A couple of links to keep the pilot light going:  SF Signal has posted another installment of their Mind Meld series, this time asking various skiffy writers about their literary influences (and about who they influence in turn).  I’m in there, nestled amongst a dozen others.  I’m also evidently featured in an upcoming piece on […]

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…And Eric Cartman as Sarasti.

Calling out for some suggestions here. I seem to be juggling a small spate of interviews/online discussions at the moment, one of which is a long-overdue contribution to something called “My Book, the Movie“. This is an ongoing blog in which various authors dream a bit about who they’d like to see direct/star in/roach-wrangle movie […]

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Dying with Dignity

Anna Davour, a Post-doc out of Queen’s, has been hitting up various sf authors for informal bloggable interviews. This week was my moment in the sun. I say some nice things about the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and repeat my usual grumbling about Firefly. And if you’re not satisfied with mere wordage— if any of you […]

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