BOG, meet Internet. Internet: BOG.

  Russian for “God”, I’ve been told. Phonetically at least. Also British for “toilet”.  But here, now, it’s an acronym:  Big Orange Guy or Beloved Old Goof or Barrel O’Greatness. He is not, as you can see, a great beauty. He may in fact be the homeliest mammal in all of southern Ontario. And we […]

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Cold Vancouver, Creeping Votes

I’m on my way to Vancouver for a week (no, I can’t tell you why just yet — hopefully soon). And I gotta say, looking at the weather forecast I am not happy.  I lived in Vancouver for over a decade, and among its many pleasures was the torrent of cherry blossoms and the t-shirt […]

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In Space, No One Can Hear You Scar the Patterns.

I was going start this off by claiming that I don’t often pimp those in my own social circle — to try and convey the sense that I’m Mr. Objective and totally averse to conflicts of interest, I guess — but when I thought about that for about two seconds I realized it was bullshit. […]

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Banana’s Dead.

Three hours ago he was purring on my pillow.  Now he’s in a box.  I’ll probably never know what happened in between, except that it must have been agony. I have to go dig a hole.  More later.

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The Anal Truth

These are the lies they tell you. First, that the flavor is vanilla.  It’s not. It smells like vanilla when you rip open the pouch — makes you think hmmm, like Nestle’s Instant Breakfast, this won’t be so bad — but the moment you mix it with water all sweet pretence disappears.  You’re chugging something […]

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Everything I Needed to Know About Christmas I Learned From My Grandma

Christmas in a household of professional Baptists has always been a time to think about the joys of giving.  In my particular case this has proven to be a double-edged sword, the flip side being that it is not a time to think about “getting”.  Devoting any neurons to the contemplation of what one might […]

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The Doomed, Glorious Rearguard Battle of Christopher Hitchens

I am by no means a compulsive student of Christopher Hitchens.  I’ve yet to read God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, although I certainly agree with the sentiment.  (I haven’t read Dawkins’ The God Delusion either; not that I wouldn’t get off on the inevitable preaching-to-the-choir reinforcement, but one tends to learn more […]

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Fans, Favors, Finance & Fur.

Evidently Starfish has sold in Russia.  I know this because I’ve just received a bunch of questions from a Russian translator.  You might think that I might have heard earlier — at the offer stage, perhaps, or during contract negotiations — but Tor retains the overseas rights to that title, and they tend to leave […]

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Cops, Control, and KoolAid: some thoughts on Madeline Ashby’s “Loss Prevention”

Madeline Ashby and I have a history.   We’ve known each other for years, attended the same writing workshop, stood by each other in times of personal distress.  We bonded over that time, not least over the fact that each of us has experienced misfortune at the hands of border officials:  Madeline, a US citizen, at […]

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Burn & Crash

A lot of science going on these days. This week’s issue of Science is an all-you-can-eat synthetic biology extravaganza; there’s also a recent paper on sex and death and parasites concerning an old friend, and the wondrous albeit old news that parasitic jellyfish live in the bloodstreams of mammals and birds. (It came out in […]

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