Tyson in the Ring

Didn’t Kill him.  Didn’t hug him. I laughed a lot, though. Neil deGrasse Tyson gave the inaugural Dunlap Award lecture over at the University of Toronto on Friday. A couple of tickets dropped into my hands at the last moment, a bit of karma for a minor role I’d played at the recent Toronto Science […]

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I saw Particle Fever the other night. My movie buddy didn’t like it as much as I did: she thought the music was intrusive, and she didn’t learn anything new about the science. I did— I learned that Supersymmetry and the Multiverse were mutually exclusive theories, which had somehow failed to sink in even after […]

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Goodreads Giveaway; ActuSF Interview; Ponies in Pith Helmets.

So I’m back, and only slightly jet-lagged, and there are a million things to do and a proper look back at Nantes would take more time than I’ll have for the next day or so.  If you don’t want to wait to check out the Great Elephant, drop in on Caitlin’s facebook album. If you […]

Being one of a number of reasons why I haven’t had time to post anything lately…

From my first stab at Archiphiloterary Critique. Thank any gods you like that you don’t have to read the other 5,300 words. …Clear draws a number of parallels between Banks’s “Culture” and Constant’s “New Babylon” Rightly so: the parallels are real and obvious. But perhaps that isn’t so remarkable. There’s no limit to the number […]

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A Hot Time in the Ol’ Town Tonight.

Going over the galleys for Beyond the Rift. Most of these stories I haven’t read since I first wrote them— which means I’m revisiting some of them for the first time in almost a quarter century. Some stand up.  Others, not so much. “Flesh Made Word”, for example. Third story I ever got published. Got […]

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Russian Autumn Heart

Turns out I have fans in Russia (I was even going to meet some of them last month, but plans fell through at the last minute). Two of them— photographer Pavel Hotulevs and model Aija (last name unknown, but that’s okay because the first name is awesome just by itself) collaborated on a Starfish shoot […]

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The Ultimate Star Trek Reboot.

So it turns out that the University of Toronto is launching something called the Toronto Science Festival — a “three-day, public celebration of science–with keynote speakers, panel discussions, as well as a variety of performances, activities, film screenings, exhibitions and events” at the tail-end of September. This year’s theme (for indeed, the intention is to […]

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The Cygnus Solution.

I think Ontario Power Generation is trying to sell us on the idea of feeding nuclear waste to swans.  At least, that seem to be the subtext of this ad I just got focus-tested on (click to embiggen)… Probit seemed curious as to my reaction… Then they asked some questions to assess my Tree-Hugger Quotient: […]

The Joy of Dumbness.

Let’s get it out of the way right up front: this movie doesn’t have a single original rivet in its huge, skyscraper-sized, monster-nose-punching body. It is in fact a classic sort of monster in its own right, a crazy Frankensteinian chimera stitched together from the rotting corpses of so many other creatures you’d be hard-pressed […]

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Why I Suck.

So I’ve just sat through an entire season — which is to say three measly episodes, in what might be the new SOP for the BBC (see Sherlock) — of this new zombie show called “In the Flesh”. Yeah, I know. These days, the very phrase “new zombie show” borders on oxymoronic. And yet, this […]

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