Toronto 2033.

Okay, this time let’s see if I can post a fluffy little bit of writing news without provoking a political shitstorm:

That Google-related fiblet  I posted a few weeks back? I can tell you where that comes from now. The critically-acclaimed urban-issues magazine Spacing is breaking with tradition and commemorating its 15th anniversary with a special themed-fiction issue [update – actually a perfect-bound book]: Toronto 2033, curated and edited by local author/indie-game/lo-tech-moviemaking celebrity Jim Munroe.

My piece is called “Gut Feelings”, and this is Mathew Borrett’s illo thereof.

A few months back, ten local authors got together and workshopped with local journos and urban planners. We pondered what might reasonably transpire over the cityscape in the coming years. We built a common broad-strokes scenario, to make sure we’d be playing in the same general sandbox (unlike last year’s Seat 14C project, where none of the stories shared the same future even though they all started from the same premise). We agreed on who the mayor would be in 2033, for example. We agreed on the plagues that had passed through. And then each of us went off and wrote a story set against that common backdrop. Visual genius Mathew Borrett brilliantly illustrated each.

The issue’s getting an official launch on the evening of December 6, at the genre-themed See-scape (very cool place, athough I haven’t been there since they renovated). The authors include Zainab Amadahy,  Madeline Ashby, Al Donato, Kristyn Dunnion, Elyse Friedman, Paul Hong, Elan Mastai, Mari Ramsawakh, Karl Schroeder, and me.

You should go, if you’re in the area. I expect most of those guys will be in attendance.

I, sadly, will not. Since I’ll be traveling to murmlemumble

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  1. paul z

    Is this a challenge?
    Possible causes for a shitstorm:

    Not trying to cause a shitstorm
    Hypocrisy: You’re trying to cause a shitstorm, but don’t admit it (other people tend to know better than you what you want – I plead guilty to that, too)
    Spreading fake news at a time when anyone will believe anything
    Deceiving the fans that trust you as a news source
    Diverting attention from your other deplorable activities
    Diverting attention from your other more important and glorious activities
    Diverting attention from anything else
    Writing about it
    Not writing about it the right way
    Not writing about anything else
    Political correctness
    Lack of political correctness
    You clearly admit to eating little kitties alive here
    Tarnishing Google’s image – don’t you think about the people who work there?
    Not tarnishing Google’s image enough, thus facilitating global warming and Armageddon
    Manipulating public opinion for or against Google shareholders
    Not being certified by the fortune tellers’ guild, and so not being qualified to foretell the future correctly
    And so on.

    A shitstorm will always find its cause.

  2. Hans

    Tried preordering the book. $21.31 for shipment to the US is a bit much….

  3. The K

    Is there an E-Book version available for purchase? I would really like to read this.

  4. Robert

    Tried preordering the book. $21.31 for shipment to the US is a bit much….

    Now you know what Canadians feel like ordering from the US…

  5. MN

    Shipping to Australia is $65C…

    Sorry, going to have to wait for the story to appear elsewhere!

  6. Anonymous

    Tried preordering the book. $21.31 for shipment to the US is a bit much….

    Is that $21 just the shipping? Man, Amazon © has really spoiled us.

  7. Michael

    Even shipping within canada is ~$16.

  8. Peter Watts

    Probably cheaper to just fly into Toronto, buy a copy at the launch, and fly out again.

  9. Jeremy

    All kidding and shipping charge complaints aside, Congrats on a new publish!

  10. Sean

    I hear murmlemumble is quite nice this time of year.

  11. OldMiser

    Some good news…

    They will be releasing the book’s 10 written stories plus five additional “digital stories” (two podcasts and three short films) online over the next 10 months on their new Web site at . One story and the video trailer have already been posted.

    More info:

  12. Greggles

    I was just reminded of and checked the sight. Nothing new since I first looked and I was wondering if you had any updates on the project?

  13. Jester


    Mr. Krivoruchko’s instagram page ( has had a bunch of new content posted, along with some clips on his personal website (

    I’m really looking forwards to it as well.


  14. Greggles

    @Jester Thanks for the links!

  15. Anonymous


    Thank you!

  16. Greggles


    Thank you!