Being Something That Might Show Up in This Saturday’s Talk.

Or maybe not. It’s so hard to tell.

I see so many patterns. Patterns everywhere…


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22 Responses to “Being Something That Might Show Up in This Saturday’s Talk.”

  1. Is this about patterns found at random in the digits of Pi?

  2. Is this about how more religiously and woo minded folk are better and seeing patterns in noise?

  3. Is this about Bronies secretly taking over Western Civilization?

  4. Mr Non-Entity, as long as the background colour is blue, not pink, all is well.

  5. As I believe one of the properties of Pi is that every possible sequence of numbers is contained in it somewhere, that means that at some point there is a sequence of 1s and 0s such that when read as binary is a complete encoding of every episode of My Little Pony in existence, including an all-porno episode that fits into continuity and is indistinguishable from one produced by the regular creative team and voice cast, playable by VLC.

    Luckily, it would likely take longer than the expected life of the universe to find that particular sequence.

  6. Definitely looking forward to this Saturday.

    Peter D:
    Luckily, it would likely take longer than the expected life of the universe to find that particular sequence.

    I don’t know, humanity can be quite determined when it comes to porn.

  7. Is it going to be aboot the showstopping ending of Carl Sagan’s book Contact?

  8. As I believe one of the properties of Pi is that every possible sequence of numbers is contained in it somewhere

    That’s a suspected property of π, but no one is quite sure yet.

  9. Right angles may perplex vampiris, but it’s those darn circles keep us baselines dazzled.

  10. Weird, when I checked out the specfic colloquim, the first thing I see, above the information for the event itself, is a mass full of links for generic boner pills. Either they’ve gotten hacked, they’re pursuing a strange advertising partner, or this is some kind of subtle signal that a lot more happens at these things than I would have guessed.

  11. Unless you were being VERY coy last time this peculiar segment of the culture came up, that seems like a quick turnaround. Nice. I eagerly await the uptick of activity on this blog as you start posting surprisingly well-footnoted theories about the quantum basis for unicorn magic and speculation on the neuropsychological implications of one species having a varying number of limbs between its subspecies. I shall have to remember to send you a decent round-up of MLP sci-fi, if you haven’t found it already.
    In regards to how much clop is encoded in pi: It seems to me that a random sequence of numbers would never be guaranteed to produce any given piece of pornography, even though the probability of that happening as the sequence goes to infinity is one. Is the argument that pi is somehow different, that it produces each possible sequence like a counter that just happens to be out of order? Or is pi just a convenient source of infinite-monkey keystrokes?

  12. When did you start seeing patterns everywhere?
    Would this be where google glass could be of use – watch a week of some random person’s glass, and see if you see patterns in theirs too?

  13. Peter D,

    You have NoScript turned on, right? I saw it, too. I sent them a message through the contact form that their WP install looked to be compromised, but there’s no reply yet.

    I can’t see anything malicious to visitors, just a bunch of spam links in a hidden div.

  14. Yup, NoScript’s on by default, I only turn on scripting for sites that I use regularly that absolutely require it. That would explain it, at least somewhat… not the alteration itself, but how it could persist without everybody involved noticing it right away.

  15. …are you just taking us for a pony ride?

  16. What an insane graphic. So portentious with numbers and… well… ponies. And what the helll happened with that dragon shenanigan anyway?

  17. pi has a carousel javascript library encoded in it.

  18. Peter, was not quite sure where to send the following link:

    Thought you might be interested. It has to do with some of the ideas voiced in the HBO tv series True Detective.

    Any thoughts?

  19. Is it me, or has io9 kind of been dropping the ball lately?

  20. “The Pony and the Painter casting shadows on the water…”

  21. What’s with the Jethro Tull reference?

  22. You kind of had to be there.