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I am a Sad Pathetic Old Man.

I threw out my back yesterday. I threw out my fucking back. I’ve never done that before. I was doing that thing where you pump the free weights over your head— what do they call that, Military Press? Grabbed them like I’ve done a thousand times before, and whump. It was like someone snapped a […]

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Small Anatomy, Big Disappointment

Immediately afterwards,  Karl Schroeder rolled over and went right to sleep. Quite honestly, I was expecting more.

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I Hate the New Normal.

Tendonitis, they tell me: chronic, and calcified, and apparently dating from the time I dislocated my shoulder while surf-kayaking in 1991. Now, after almost two decades of peaceful dormancy the fucker decides to wake up and turn me into the One-Armed Wonder throughout the holidays— apparently provoked by too many lame-ass bench presses and one […]

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Why Sploggers Should be Slowly Disembowelled and Fed to my Cats

The Splogbots finally found the ‘crawl— I got a few dozen link-farm comments (“MsPoOE Your blog is great. Articles is interesting!”) scattered throughout the archives in just a couple of hours. So with great regret, I’ve imposed that Turing test option on potential commenters. Sorry. If anyone can suggest a less onerous way of keeping […]

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I’m not dead yet.

Just another couple of placeholders while I shovel sand against the tide. Placeholder #1: the observation of a certain correlation in the skiffy community: Group A: “Blindsight would definitely be my choice for the Hugo, if I were voting. Which I’m not.” Group B: “Blindsight is good/crappy/great for wrapping fish, but it didn’t get my […]

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