Pictures, Post-Haste.

Mere moments from leaving for Poland again, and too frazzled for pithy commentary. So here, to keep you all occupied, are some miscellaneous pictures. The first is Marek Madej’s cover for Ars Machina‘s translation of Maelstrom, which I believe gets its official launch this weekend. (Google tells me that “Wir” translates as “Vortex”, which is close enough.) The next is BiFrost‘s illo for the French translation of “Malak”; I can’t see an artist’s credit in the mag itself, but the illo continues the whimsical/surrealistic stylings that I first noticed with their illustration for “A Niche“. And lastly, an absolutely gorgeous piece of fan art from one Chris Lees; he describes it as an anorexic Lenie, but it’s more illustrative of Judy Caraco from the rifters short “Home“.

All of these will ultimately end up in the Gallery, once the Gallery has been upgraded along with the rest of this archaic website. Maybe over the holidays. Depends. Life’s pretty busy right now. And no, I can’t tell you about it.

Poles, I am on my way. Non-Poles, wish me luck.

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7 Responses to “Pictures, Post-Haste.”

  1. As a non-pole (neither magnetic nor true), I wish you luck.

  2. Damn that’s a nice Maelstrom cover.

  3. The Malak illo is awesome.

    Enjoy Poland. Drink lots of Zubrowka, but don’t forget about its coumadin component.

    ( :

  4. whoops, I meant coumarin.

  5. As a Pole, I am very happy You like the cover and even more happy that You will visit our coutryt soon. Unfortunatey I won’t be able to show up (again) but You have so many fans here that I’m sure there will be another occasion to meet You somewhere here.
    By the way, wish us luck, because we (that means a couple of reviewers from major polish websites about sf) decided to start a sf-literature discussion club in Wrocław and we picked up “Starfish” to be a topic of our first meeting. 10th December is the date and it will definately be another part of “the Great Peter Watts’ Offensive in Poland” 🙂

  6. Hmm, quite the mermaid.

  7. ooh… me like Lee’s Lenie. Great color pallete. She could do with some meat on her, though 🙂

    Woah – I think I just channeled my mother.