Chip and Chipper

For those of you not on facebook (and I salute you), I might as well mention here that “The Things” took the Shirley Jackson Award for Best Short Story over at Readercon last Sunday. I post this now because the only other thing I’d have time to post before the perogies are done would involve my beloved cat Chip who, after going completely anorexic, losing 15% of his body mass and testing positive for Feline Leukemia and FIV — and after causing three other cats (two also gone ominously anorexic) to get hauled in for extensive (and need we say, expensive) testing — promptly proceeded to turn into a snarf machine and regain half of what he’d lost in a couple of days, and who is now acting like King Shit after successfully getting us to blow three grand on an abdominal “tumor” that, following a (did I mention expensive?) ultrasound, turned out to be gas. I’d be really pissed off if I wasn’t so relieved.

But anyway, back to the Jacksons. Neil Clarke, who graciously accepted on my behalf (probably more graciously than I would have, actually), sent me the attached pictures of the “nomination stone” and the award itself — which was very convenient since I’d spent half a day scouring the internet for a picture of the damn thing and coming up blank. I think this may be one of only two actual pictures of the Shirley Jackson Award currently available online (the other also having been taken by Neil, and available on the Clarkesworld blog). I think this is an absolutely great design for any award bestowed unto me, and especially unto a story like “The Things”; was it not an inspired choice to adorn the Lucite with a giant neuron?

Next up: why Digital Physics implies that God is a porn addict.

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16 Responses to “Chip and Chipper”

  1. Awesome. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations indeed! Well worth it!

    Just saw the trailer for the new prequel and have a suspicion that it won’t live up to the original much less your short story. Seems more straight forward “monster eats people” kind of affair. But one can always hope!

  3. Congrats Peter, much deserved!

    Thanks for taking the time to update those of us with an adversarial relationship to social media.

  4. Grats!

  5. After reading “The Things”, I find it impossible to see the original (or the trailer to the prequel) _except_ in terms of Peter’s version. Every time I see a clip of humans bravely battling monsters, I find myself thinking “Yes, yes, but what’s _really_ happening is …”

  6. awesome on the award. : ( on the expenses, but yay on cats surviving!
    What an argument against premature arguments for euthanasia. 😛

  7. Well, they’re surviving for now. And Minion seems to have her appetite back, and Banana is still at the vets, and FeLeuk can be treated if you catch it early enough. And Chip’s blood work all came back normal (still waiting to hear about the others). But those initial FIV and FeLeuk diagnoses still stand, so FIV probably will kill the little fuzzbot at some point. But if we’re lucky, it might not be for years; and he seems happy now, which is a big improvement from last week.

    I love those stupid cats.

  8. Congrats Peter! Well deserved.

  9. Congratulations on the story and the cats!

  10. I can relate to stupid cats causing trouble. One of my own little buggers freaked out one night, shit out some blood into the dog’s food bowl, then proceeded to make the most horrible mewling noises at around midnight. After taking her to the emergency vet and waiting for a full hour, she started prancing around the examination room and playing with toys.

    Needless to say, waking up at five am for work the next day was not what I would call pleasant.

    Congratulations on the award! I finally got around to reading “The Things” the other day, and it was fantastic.

  11. Next up: why Digital Physics implies that God is a porn addict..

    Don’t tease me, man. This is both a delicious blog entry title and a plausible jumping-off point for a short story.

  12. Did you hear that “WOO!!!” in the background when the name was announced on the video? Yeah, that was me. 🙂

    I am so happy for you!!

  13. Congrats on the award, and I hope to read some new material of yours soon.

    I’m glad the cats are okay. For all their troubles, it’s hard not to love these ridiculous creatures we have as pets. It’s hard as hell losing them, though.

  14. That’s grrreat, Peter. You certainly deserve it. So, keep on keeping on.

  15. For those of you who want to skip right to Peter’s award, it starts at around 21:15 on the clip.

  16. Congrats on the award. Your love of the fuzzbots is quite endearing. Just makes you even more sexy!