Pimpage: Me and Neill on The Bridge.

Turns out I’ve made a fair number of podcast/interview appearances over the past year or so, across a bunch of jurisdictions all the way from Russia to the Free Republic of Guelph. Never really pimped them because A) I was raised by Baptists, B) I generally cringe when people thump their own tubs too loud, and C) a little of me goes a long way anyway. I didn’t even call out when I showed up on Tales From the Bridge a few weeks back, even though those guys hail from my old grad-school stomping ground.

But I’m mentioning it now, because they had me back and it wasn’t just me this time, it was me and Neill Fucking Blomkamp. And we talked about everything from prog rock to our secret collaboration (that stopped being so secret when Neill blurted it out on Joe Rogan a while back), to a thought experiment in which I mow down Neill’s wife, child, and pets in a hail of machine-gun fire to test a philosophical point. Also sentience, the three-act-structure, and antinatalism. So whatever you’re into, there’s a good chance you’ll find it there.

Commercial over. Please continue talking about planarians.

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  1. Jason Grossman

    Peter Watts and prog rock! Two of my thirteen favourite things! Thank you!

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  2. jouka

    I listened to both, good stuff. About lithium: extracting it from the seawater should be viable? There have been several recent papers on this tech, but battery tech is advancing rapidly and lithium might be out of fashion if metal-aerogel batteries or graphene supercapacitors become practical, so there’s no saying if it would hold up.

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  3. Nestor

    Do Joe Rogan next, I’m sure the whole “Convicted Felon” thing would intrigue his audience.

    (Yes he’s a meathead, but he has reach)

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  4. Peter Watts

    Don’t I know it. Neill was on Rogan a while back and kinda squeed about Blindsight. Resulted in a big mesa of sales on Amazon that lasted for weeks.

    I couldn’t do Rogan even if he asked me to. Not allowed into the States, remember? (Actually, Lex Fridman approached me a couple of weeks ago and I had to turn him down on the same grounds. Probably only the second time that I’ve regretted being banned.)

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  5. Nestor

    I DO remember, but many of the podcasts I follow have taken to remote format, Tim Ferris and Sam Harris do them, I believe in some cases they send the interviewee equipment to make sure the recording is as good quality as possible and Joe “100 meelleon spotify contract” Rogan could probably afford it too.

    Those two would be much more interesting podcasts to be invited to, imho but Rogan has heard your name recently, so there’s that.

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  6. Phil

    Rogan has done at least two interviews with Edward Snowden, and ES sure as shit wasn’t in the US.

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  7. Phil

    I’ve been enjoying watching “Taming Yesterday’s Nightmares for a Better Tomorrow – FizerPharm” which I came to from the podcast. Really nicely worked out. It sounds like something Stanley Milgram might have produced if he chose to work for a drug company instead of humanity.

    How come you didn’t post it to YouTube yourself? (YouTube tip: include a cat doing something stupid at the beginning and boost your views by 15,000,000. The future we deserve…)

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  8. Dale Allen

    What, you’re doing vampires with Neill BlomKamp?!! How utterly thrilling! I, oh, shhh, shhh, shhh, must calm down.

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  9. Ashley R Pollard

    Now caught up with both your appearances on the podcast. Excellent talks. Can listen to you talking science and fiction any-day, which given I’m a reluctant listener of podcasts is a compliment.

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  10. Gary Flood

    I listened to both, and really enjoyed them. Are these guys Canadian? Good podcast.

    Most horrifying thing for me was the incorrigible love of The Tull. There are some things from my Prog days (brief, as I came into music late then it was soon into Punk) I do still love, like Da Floyd and Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, but I just can’t go back there. Think I’d prefer vampirism.

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  11. Nestor

    I like how polite you are when your interlocutors go off the deep end. In this one, when Neil starts to go solipsistic. That older podcast from a few years ago, the host also started to babble something off left field, I forget the details, and you also managed to stay remarkably engaged. You even do it with the occasional crank here in the comments, so it’s not just “Better humour this hollywood dude that is collaborating with me on a big project”. You’re a patient man.

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  12. Cagey


    I’ve always felt the same way re: the crank commenters. Noticed it as well in the podcast.

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  13. Phil


    Rogan has done at least two interviews with Edward Snowden, and ES sure as shit wasn’t in the US.

    Sorry, this came out wrong. I’d just finished his book and was freshly pissed that when the US breaks the law they exile the guy who calls them on it. The vehemence was directed at US perfidity.

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  14. listedproxyname

    Phil: How come you didn’t post it to YouTube yourself? (YouTube tip: include a cat doing something stupid at the beginning and boost your views by 15,000,000. The future we deserve…)

    Perhaps the future we deserve isn’t the one with the YouTube cat videos, just as many people avoid certain services for reasons that are not sensitive to others (yet).

    Luckily for those who expect a miracle, the availability of such big audience shouldn’t influence the outcome too much – and there’s no innate necessity to go all out on sponsored popularity to forge a successful project (something that Blomkamp highlighted in the interview, if I got it right).

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  15. Phil


    I agree. I find it extraordinary how many excellent videos have only a handful of views, while idiotic ones have millions. So, not saying the future will be good, just that it will be the one we deserve (paraphrasing the FizerPharm tag line, “The future you deserve”).

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  16. Greggles

    Great interviews and great podcast, am now a subscriber.

    I was a little surprised to hear that only two theories about were circulating about who/what broadcasting Siri’s narrative. I’ve been assuming it was a third from the other two mentioned in the podcast.

    And yeah, any timeline for an announcement with Mr. Blomkamp?

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  17. GMM

    You are a having a bit of a Pop Culture moment, Peter. Your short story the things just got shouted out on the (very popular) Youtube channel Red Letter Media:


    29:44 for the shoutout.

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  18. Nestor
  19. Pyro650

    Usually, serendipity on the internet is a good thing. Usually, a search term will lead to an interesting site or unexpected snippet that takes the digital explorer down a whole new rabbithole.


    I forgot the search term that first brought me to this site. It’s of little relevance anyway, since it’s the end result that counts. But after a few hours spent browsing through the blog posts and reading a fair bit of the atrocity on literature that goes by the name of Behemoth, I felt compelled to leave this comment here even though it’s not directly related to the post topic, as the comments sections on older posts have long since been closed.

    Peter Watts is a nihilistic idiot who harbours a deep hatred of humanity and openly calls for its destruction. He expresses these views through badly written books, articles, and his blog that amount to little more than bouts of verbal diarrhoea. Not to mention the fact that he’s utterly wrong on every metric and prediction related to the so-called “climate catastrophe” and current pandemic. His talking points have been repeatedly debunked by any true environmentalist with even a modicum of common sense, such as in this discussion between Jordan Peterson and Michael Shellenberger – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLxZF_EWaLE

    The only good thing that can be said about him is that at least he practises what he preaches and has chosen not to procreate, meaning that his third-rate genes won’t be propagated. That’s quite a favour he’s done humanity.

    Speaking of favours done to humanity, I’d like to conclude by thanking that stalwart member of America’s law enforcement, Andrew Beaudry, who performed a yeoman service to mankind all those years ago by macing Peter Watts in the face (Details here: https://www.rifters.com/crawl/?p=932). While the author may not have deserved the treatment he received over a decade ago, the torture he has inflicted upon the curious but unwary visitor to his site more than justifies the punishment he received. Cosmic karma, it would seem, balances out over time.

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  20. Peter Watts

    Hi Pyro. Fitting name.

    I hope you feel better now. (I doubt you feel much better about yourself, necessarily, but hey, we take what we can get.) Thank you for providing yet more evidence supporting my deep hatred of humanity.

    Note that I’m not openly calling for your destruction. I’m pretty sure you’ll self-destruct before too long without any help.

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  21. Nestor

    Ignore the troll. Hideo Kojima!! I guess you’re more of a PC gamer, but you have to have heard of him.

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  22. Fatman

    It’s a testament to the power of your writing that it still has the ability to trigger unfortunate flat-earthers into paroxysms of incoherent rage, a decade or more down the line.

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  23. The K


    Now im trying to imagine what game Hideo Kojima would make out of the Blindsight Universe. A dating sim where you have to convince the Moksha Hivemind to go to Highschool Prom with you? Stealth Action Game in the Alien superstructure where you have to evade Scramblers? Just staring at the inside of a cryo-coffin for 50 hours while Norman Reedus narrates the entirety of Blindsight as Siri Keeton?

    I guess anything is possible with that fantastic madman.

    Also, gigakek @Pyro for quoting Shellenberger and Peterson on environmental issues. There is a reason the former is called a hack by his more esteemed peers and the latter..well lets not go there. Whats next, the CEO of BP telling us that fossil fuels are good for the climate?

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  24. Jack

    Hey Pyro,

    Speaking of cosmic justice, I’m pretty sure you’re due for a rectal examination next time you go through airport security.

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