The Final Fiblet.

For a while, anyway.  I handed Echopraxia in to my editor this week. It is out of my hands now; even were I seized by sudden insecurity and tried to race down to New York to snatch it physically from her hands, I wouldn’t get past the border. Now I must do other things (including […]

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A Fragment of FinnCon, a Dribble of Dumbspeech

I finished the last of 32 Finncon slides today.  Here’s #25.   Now all I have to do is write a talk that has at least a tenuous connection to the other 31. In other news, an excerpt from an upcoming article in The New Yorker: There are people here who repeatedly drown themselves in […]

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The Point of the Exercise.

“The Bicamerals would think of it as more of a— a pilgrimage, I suppose.” His mouth tightened at one corner: a small lopsided grimace. “You remember the Theseus mission.” It was too rhetorical for a question mark. “Of course.” “You know the fuelling technology it used— uses.” Brüks shrugged. “Icarus cracks the antimatter, masers out […]

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Guest Post: Pimping the Prognosticators.

Not by me this time.  Not even about me,  a couple of gratuitous paragraphs notwithstanding. I’m currently hunched over a pint of Keith’s waiting for the BUG to show up, and subjecting Echopraxia to its final polish before I send it off next week.  If I was going to show you anything, it would be […]

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A Terminator with Training Wheels

So I was going to treat you to another fiblet today, but when you intersect previously-unposted excerpts with spoiler-free excerpts the overlap drops down into the single digits and the piece I wanted to post still needed a bit of work anyway (too many colons).  Which is what I was working on before this happened: […]

Why I Suck.

So I’ve just sat through an entire season — which is to say three measly episodes, in what might be the new SOP for the BBC (see Sherlock) — of this new zombie show called “In the Flesh”. Yeah, I know. These days, the very phrase “new zombie show” borders on oxymoronic. And yet, this […]

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A Few More Things.

Art and updates, mainly: looks like I’m going to be back in Nantes this November for a return engagement at Utopiales, the massive French con that roots itself in Jules Verne’s home town. Caitlin and I were there back in 2010, and loved it. I am not just delighted to be going back, I am […]