No Pictures. Only Words.

I don’t have any pictures of my father. I just realized that now, two days after he died sitting on a toilet in frigid fucking Edmonton, 2700 km from home. He was visiting my brother. He was supposed to be back by December 21st, we were going to go out for dinner before Christmas. But […]

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Going to Extremes

Okay, I can come up long enough for this. Pimping and tub-thumping never takes more than a few minutes. You know that new Eriophora story I’ve been fibletting recently?  I’m now free to announce that it’ll be making its appearance later this year in an anthology entitled Extreme Planets: A Science Fiction Anthology of Alien […]

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Me or the Manuscripts

2012 ended pretty well: pursuant to last month’s little squee about Blindsight placing in the Top Ten of the Past Twelve poll over at Locus, turns out that I also showed up on the comparable lists for Best 21st Century Short Story (“The Things”, at #4), and barely squeaked into the top ten for Best […]

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