Maybe Bart Simpson was Wrong

Maybe you should have a cow.  Or at least, maybe someone else should have one at your expense. Today marks a departure for the ‘crawl:  its very first Guest Blogger.  You should check out what he has to say; it might just help delay that inevitable moment when the angry underclass rise up to kill […]

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You guys have a blast, though…

So, the second iteration of SFContario is underway just down the street.  A few people asked if I was attending this year.  Then they asked why not. It’s a good question.   The con is local.  A lot of my friends are going.  If the inaugural edition is anything to go by, the panels will be […]

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So. Poland again. Only this time, leaving the Warsaw Arrivals lounge I turned east instead of west to find myself confronted with two guys holding up a sign that reads Giant Squid. Already I like the place. They put me in — well, a monastery, maybe. At least it’s attached to a church of some […]

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Pictures, Post-Haste.

Mere moments from leaving for Poland again, and too frazzled for pithy commentary. So here, to keep you all occupied, are some miscellaneous pictures. The first is Marek Madej’s cover for Ars Machina‘s translation of Maelstrom, which I believe gets its official launch this weekend. (Google tells me that “Wir” translates as “Vortex”, which is […]

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Douchebags in Deutschland

“Dismay, Confusion Greet Human Stem Cell Patent Ban“, wails Gretchen Vogel’s headline in the October 28th issue of Science. The news item itself begins with a question: “Has the environmental group Greenpeace dealt a major blow to the medical use of human embryonic stem cells in Europe? That’s what biologists, patent specialists, and lawyers are […]

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The Point at Which We Start to Lower Our Expectations

I handed in Echopraxia (aka Dumbspeech) yesterday. Hold your applause; I still don’t think it’s ready. I am very happy with parts of it. Other parts are so clunky I’d have to kill you if you saw them. A couple of elements have become gratuitous in light of recent changes to the story; they’re still […]

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