The Coming of the Lord.

There are a couple of different ways we could be living inside a computer. The Matrix model looms largest on the pop-culture landscape for obvious reasons, notwithstanding that the Matrix movies presented at best a half-assed iteration of the concept: that live human brains were being fed a digital simulation of reality while being hosed […]

Chip and Chipper

For those of you not on facebook (and I salute you), I might as well mention here that “The Things” took the Shirley Jackson Award for Best Short Story over at Readercon last Sunday. I post this now because the only other thing I’d have time to post before the perogies are done would involve […]

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Yeah, I know. Bad time for the ‘crawl to go into therapeutic coma, what with all the nifty┬áneuroethical and neurocognitive and neurodeep-sea-mineral-exploitation stuff piling up on the feeds. I’ve jammed out on this month’s Gibraltar Point workshop as well, if it’s any consolation. On the plus side, though: 80,000 words down on State of Grace […]

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