The Xenotext Experiment

A few of you may remember a throwaway bit of ecogothic ambience near the start of State of Grace: “…pure tissue was so hard to come by these days. There was always something that didn’t belong. Viral DNA, engineered for the greater good but too indiscriminate to stay on target. Special marker genes, designed to […]

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Gods, Jackboots: Coda

I’m holding off — for the moment — on commenting about last week’s inaugural SFContario, which had much to commend it but which also contained one big gnarly injustice that might just overshadow all those good elements.  Not entirely comfortable with the fact that the concomm is stonestalling1 on even addressing that issue, for reasons which I […]

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You’re All Just Lucky I Don’t Have a Kodak Carousel

Man, what a trip. You know any table where China Mieville sits at one elbow and Scott Westerfeld at  the other is gonna give rise to some interesting dinnertime conversation. That kind of mix-and-match happened pretty much every night in Nantes: We bonded with China over a mutual love of cephalopods; with Brandon and Emily […]

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Fast Forward

They have an entire wall of prog-rock albums here, replete with listening stations.  They have a dealer’s room which  puts a lot of real bookstores to shame.  They have cool sculptures and a shitload of guest authors in whose shadow I pale; I have drunk and snarfed at length in the company of China Miéville, […]

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Beasts with Broken Backs

This posting consists of a wadge of a accumulated items, unceremoniously horked onto the ‘crawl with no common thematic underpinnings beyond the fact that it’s all part of the backlog. I have met the major honking deadline which resulted in all these weeks of radio silence (and I’m told I’ll even be able to talk […]