As in Post Script, Climate Shift, and Bull Shit. I really wasn’t expecting so many responses (getting boinged obviously ramped up the amplitude a bit). There have been hosannas and trolls and yes, some well-taken objections to my last post, both here and around teh tubes. Once again, some of my responses are too long […]

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Because As We All Know, The Green Party Runs the World.

I’m going to make a bit of an exception today. There were other newsworthy items after my heart (Jason Stackhouse — yes, you read that right — sent me an intriguing link on insect intelligence, and who could resist the creation of the first cat-based AI?). But I’ve decided instead to weigh in on this UCR […]

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He Speaks French. In English.

I was holding off on this but people have been twitting it for a few days — hell, someone even rated it, if I’m reading this right — so here you go.  ActuSF has posted their interview with me, in French and in the original English.  There’s not a whole lot of new stuff there […]

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The End of War Crimes

We’ve talked about free will on these screens before. We’ve referred to consciousness as the pointy-haired boss who takes credit for decisions made endless milliseconds before it was even aware of them; tumors that turn people into pedophiles, and do violence to the very concept of “culpability’; military hardware that bypasses conscious thought entirely and […]

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In Which I Passionately Lament the Absence of Bestiality in First Person Shooters.

Brief follow-up to my last, strangely-popular post.  Someone going by the name of W. Flynn has started a list on “Authors Who Have Maced a Restaurant“. And while I am honored to be in such esteemed company, I can’t help noticing that the list itself is awfully small. I wonder if I could prevail […]

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