He Speaks French. In English.

I was holding off on this but people have been twitting it for a few days — hell, someone even rated it, if I’m reading this right — so here you go.  ActuSF has posted their interview with me, in French and in the original English.  There’s not a whole lot of new stuff there (basically, it serves to introduce me to a French audience who isn’t nearly as familiar with me as you lot), but it’s nicely compact.

In other news, I’m still mulling over AMC’s recent remake of The Prisoner.  I’m not quite certain whether it’s a soulless incoherent mess, or just too smart for me.  Ambiguity is not necessarily a bad thing.  Still, if I’m reading this right (spoilers whited out) the punchline basically boils down to the whole thing having been a dream.  Normally that kind of an ending would be unforgivable, but before we jump on the condemnation bandwagon I think we should all go back and look at the way the original series ended.

It might be difficult to argue that the new ending isn’t an improvement.

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7 Responses to “He Speaks French. In English.”

  1. Anony mouse

    Normally I would agree with you that ending any series by explaining that everything was a dream would be unforgivable. But then I saw the series finale of the Newhart Show (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwYw2i2icNg).

  2. seruko

    I am 4 square dead set against the whole “it was a dream” thing.

  3. seruko

    Also I am a fan of band wagons, torches, pich forks and group think.

  4. Laur

    Given a choice between the last episode of BSG and “Adama dreamt it all while sleeping through the decommissioning ceremony”, I’d be hard-pressed to pick the better one.

  5. jackd

    Characterizing it as ‘all a dream’ is justifiable, but I think the proffered explanation was more satisfying than that. My biggest gripe was that they spent an hour on the Undercovers but never did anything with them. Why would the Village have had so many secret police? Why did it need guards and dogs?

  6. Chris Knall

    Re: Jackd, guard dogs, etc.

    To prevent the dream from becoming nightmare (ie, maintain order)? Or it IS just an incoherent mess and my tiny brain is trying to justify the chaos.

  7. redindiangirl

    My vote is that Prisoner is “soulless incoherent mess.” Yep, that’s what it is.